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Splitboardmag was born from passion for splitboarding and we still make it with the same aim we had on day one: creating a cult magazine, innovating with a new reading format and the will to share experiences and adventures with all of you. Splitboardmag is the first and single online magazine in the world.

Splitboard Magazine is a unique project, created in 2010 by Marc Sixto and Alvaro Rubioc in a burst of unstoppable creativity and an overflow of positive energy. It wasn’t after long that we found good friends who joined forces and supported us from the beginning. We’ll never thank all of them enough for their support and collaboration.

In 2011, we were joined by the rest of the current team, David Pérez, Víctor Perisé and Elena González de Murillo, marking the start of a new era for the magazine.

Meet the team

Marc Sixto

Project Manager / Photographer / Communication / Editor

Born in Manresa (Barcelona) the 7th of December, 1973. I’ve always been in touch with the mountain and curiosity has driven me to practice adventure sports like climbing, paragliding, surf, snowboard, and finally splitboard. The mountain guide and good friend David Pujol, introduced me to snowboard in the 90’s, and now I’m passionate about splitboarding world.

10 years ago I began to work as a freelance photographer for different companies and in several disciplines like industrial, publishing, sports, etc

Splitboardmag allows me to continue my own personal and professional adventure. My work in the magazine supposes a big challenge as from the beginning the purpose has been to do something unique and different that could reflect the mountain philosophy that I share with my friends.

David Perez

Editor in chief / Communication / Editor

Snowboarding introduced myself into the mountains 20 years ago. During all this time, my snowboarding has evolved, and now, I feel that I have found the way that I’ve been looking for. It’s not only about shredding. It’s just the way that let me being part of the mountain for a while.

I try to spend the most of my days off at home in La Cerdanya, travelling around the Pyrenees and looking for new mountains and new awesome terrain to shred all over the world. Of course, always sharing this feeling with my local crew and with all the splitboard family when we meet out there. How important is sharing with the people you love. Get out there, feel the mountain, respect it and shred safe.

See you in the mountains!

Elena G. De Murillo

Translator / Interpreter

I started snowboarding at X-mas 1989, in Sierra Nevada. At that time, you couldn’t buy any freestyle bindings or boots on Spain, so I used to wrap my ankles in order not to hurt them when riding in an old pair of Raichle ski boots. From then on, Snowboarding became an addiction. I went through all disciplines, slalom, halfpipe, booardercross…but freeriding, riding powder out of bounds was always the essence, the reason why I got so hooked on this sport that allowed me to do the moves I couldn’t possibly do on a surfboard or a skateboard, both sports that I loved.

After struggling to approach and hike to the top of different mountains with my board on my back, slpitboarding appeared as the ultimate solution, at a time when I was starting to ask myself if what I did made any sense, just on time. Splitboarding gave me a whole new approach to the mountain: a landscape of endless possibilities, the chance to sweat it all while comfortably skinning up enjoying the silence of a natural environment with a couple of friends. Then the joy of strapping to a board and riding down earning my turns, leaving no CO2 footprints and feeling one of the luckiest persons on Earth.

The improvement of the equipment over the past few years and the increasing
number of splitboarders around me has only made things better.

Victor Perisé


Born in Barcelona in 1985, I was introduced to the mountains at an early age, thanks to my parents and our trips to visit my family in Val d’Aran, one of the most beautiful valleys in the Pyrenees. As a kid I was extremely happy spending time there, and always felt something missing when I had to go back to the city. This eventually turned me into a true mountain lover, so when the time came to choose a degree, I chose geology as it would allow me to be in the mountains most of the time. Becoming specialized in snow science, but with a strong background in teaching and sales, I tend to float around anything related to these three things.

Joining Splitboard Magazine was a great chance for me to work in something I’m passionate about, travel to exotic locations and meet interesting people that share the same passion as me, the mountains.

Alvaro Rubioc

Art Director 2010-2017

I was born one winter in Madrid and growing up I spent many holidays at my grandparent’s house in the mountains near Gredos. I loved being surrounded by nature and later in my teens I gave all my free time to climbing and snowboarding.

At 24 I moved to Barcelona, where I studied graphic design and later worked in the marketing and advertising department of a sporting goods multinational. Around this time I did a post-grad in art direction and decided to start working for myself.

While doing some online research about splitboarding I stumbled upon something that immediately grabbed my attention “New splitboard magazine, we’re looking for partners”. I’m a designer and this is my world so I contacted them to offer my help.

Marc got back to me and we met to chat about his idea for the project. The concept, philosophy and creative freedom on offer was impossible to turn down. And also that the project revolves around splitboarding and the mountains made it a dream come true for me.

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