Nitro Doppelganger 2020/21



The Doppelgänger’s Koroyd® Powercore reduces the overall weight allows you to easily set the skin track to the top and go further on your next run and get to those untouched pow fields with energy to spare for another bucket list pow run with ease.

The Doppelgänger split board’s lightweight Koroyd® Powercore allows you to hike faster and further, while the Diamond Laminates provide the snap and support you want for steep faces and the Forged T7075 Aluminum Hooks provide peace of mind as you charge down untouched pow fields with stability and confidence. The Doppelgängers´s Hike Pods will get you to the unmarked and distant powder with better edge grip on the way, while the Cam-Out Camber and Directional Mid-Wide shape will give you the float and reliable precision to navigate any terrain on the way down. The new and improved tip and tail locks are easy to get on and off with gloves on, which makes the transition process on cold peaks quicker and more enjoyable. This lightweight powerhouse now comes pre-drilled for a faster and more secure skin mounting procedure with the new custom Nitro x Kohla hiking skins. Reduce the weight of your overall split set-up without sacrificing durability and performance this winter with the new and improved Doppelgänger splitboard – hopefully, this will help you get OFFLINE and enjoy real life once again!
Pre-drilled for fast and secure mounting of our custom Nitro x Kohla hiking skins.





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Rocker Camber Rocker Rocker Camber Rocker


Size Tip (mm) Waist (mm) Tail (mm)
148 278 238 268
152 284 242 274
156 295 250 285
160 302 256 293
164 304 257 295