K2 Marauder 2022/23


Built as a workhorse to access any backcountry zone, the K2 Marauder Splitboard Package is the perfect partner for the skin track and the reliable atop a steep couloir. The core is built from three species of sustainable timber and is surrounded by our ICG™️ 10 Biaxially Woven Fiberglass with Carbon for stability and snap on both the ascent and descent. Weaving Carbon Fiber stringers into the fiberglass gives the Marauder liveliness without adding extra weight or overdoing it on the torsional rigidity. Our Sintered P-Tex sidewalls are extremely durable, create a smooth, damp feel, and help us reduce overall waste during the manufacturing process. Our tough-as-nails matte top sheet material helps us keep the weight down for cruising on the skin track and our Sintered 4000 base is hard and durable. Simply put, a sintered base retains wax better for long days in the alpine. We know backcountry touring can put a beating on your board both on the way up and on the way back down, so we used a black material along the riding surface for seamless repairs after those inevitable rock encounters.

Weight 3,465 kg



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Size tested: 159cm

The K2 Marauder is one of those boards that make you feel really at ease the minute you strap on. One of the most versatile splitboards you may find out there, it totally raised an issue when it came to pick this season’s BEST ALL MOUNTAIN splitboard. Directional shape, traditional camber, tail and nose rocker…it boasts the winning combo of an all-rounder splitboard. The K2 Marauder is the perfect example of a splitboard that behaves perfectly well in all terrains and types of snow; a board offering a distinctively well-balanced flex and torsion, swift and lively when it comes to riding from edge to edge, reactive and with an amazing pop thanks to the carbon strings -and you barely notice the extra stiffness that is a synonym of carbon. The Marauder includes custom cut Pomoca skins, with quik blocking for a speedy setup and easy transitions, and comes with guides to set your stance precisely. A splitboard recommended for a wide spectrum of riders, looking for versatility above everything else.




Groomed snow

Off piste




Size Tip (mm) Waist (mm) Tail (mm)
147 285 238 281
151 290 242 286
156 297 248 293
159 299 250 295
162 302 252 295
158W 305 256 301
163W 314 264 310
166W 319 269 315