Xavier De Le Rue’s DIY ep 11: Kuril Islands part 1

Xavier De Le Rue’s DIY ep 11: Kuril Islands part 1

With the new season around the corner, it’s time to unveil the first episode of the DIY series by Xavier De Le Rue.

Hauling from the Pyrenees, Xavier is currently travelling the world on his RV along with his wife Beanie, looking for the most extreme and remote places to ride. This time he won’t be using an RV, but a 9.14 meters tin boat called Maewan.

On this first part of the Kuril Islands episode, Xavier and crew sailed from Petropavlovsk (Russia) to Hokkaido (Japan) through the Kuril archipelago in Russia’s Sakhalin Oblast region, which is renowned for its severe climate and seismic activity. Planned stops en route would allow time to snowboard some of the majestic volcanoes that make up part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, like the Alaid volcano, the highest and most beautiful peak of the 100 volcanoes in the Kuril archipelago.

Filmed by Xavier De Le Rue and Bertrand Delapierre

Produced by Beanie De Le Rue and Marion Schmitz

Edited by Tim Burgess


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