Konichiwa Japan – Surf & Snow on Hokkaido
Freeriders are travelers, always seeking for more. More options, more adventure, more freedom, more truth. In April 2016, snowboarder Aline Bock and free skier Lena stoffel followed another call of wanderlust to explore the unique culture and wonder of Japan, a fascinating enigma hurtling towards the future while still staying rooted in the past. In Japan the sun rises every day again, always and after all, WAY EAST!
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„Seeking for a place, where we could combine both our passions for freeriding and surfing, our trip took us through the mountains to the ocean and along the twisting coastline to the apex of our adventure – the fascinating and floating mountain of Rishiri Island,“ so Lena Stoffel. Fully equipped with skis, split-, snow- and surfboards, and together with a team of local guide, filmer and photographer,the two adventurers started their search for „ja-pow,“ perfect waves and the truth after Fukushima. “We wanted to get our own personal insight on the situation and the reality of nuclear pollution after the accident and find out about the local people´s opinions,“ former freeride world champion Aline Bock explains.
Breathtaking views, untouched landscapes, fresh powder lines and perfect waves were the reward for these two sportswomen, who carved their own path through this beautiful country, which had unfortunately turned into a white mark on the map after the disaster of Fukushima. The 20-minute WAY EAST documentary of two women, who left their comfort zones one more time to find happiness WAY EAST.

W A Y E A S T | Full Movie from Mathias Kögel on Vimeo.

About Aline Bock:
As a former freestyle snowboarder, Aline Bock became Vize World Champion in 2009 and claimed the title of the Freeride World Tour Champion in 2010. Since then, the German snowboarder has been focusing on big mountain and backcountry film projects, exploring to the most beautiful freeride spots around the globe. www.alinebock.de
About Lena Stoffel:
With her roots in alpine racing Lena Stoffel pursued a career in the international freeride and freestyle competition circus, raking in several medals and victories at the European X-Games and Austrian Open. Today, the native German free skier is focusing on international film- and photo projects and on what she loves the most – skiing!
Travel time: March 7th – April 2nd , 2016
Locations: Hokkaido, Japan / Rishiri, Japan
Photo credit:  Aaron Jamieson

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