Völkl Cashew Splitboard

Völkl Cashew Splitboard

cashew split powturn ueli by papis

The Völkl Cashew Split is an ultra-light splitboard for unlimited freedom in the backcountry. Get out there and decide where you want to reach.

The Cashew Split has been built as light as possible and equipped it with a No-Topsheet Construction and Carbon reinforcements. Once you reach the summit, it’s time to think about getting your reward. Transform your touring skis into a board easily without using any kind of tools. Breathe, spot your line, and fly down over the untracked powder. The Convex Powder Base gives you maximum float to enjoy bottomless powder days. The girls are in luck this season, the Cashew Split is also available in 155.

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The custom-fit skins are really fast and easy to fix thanks to the Völkl Skin Pin System. A skin fastening system that is magnificent in its simplicity: perfect fixation and easy to use. Brand-new is an extra fixation of the skins at the tail of the board.

The Cashew split was awarded last season with the Best Finish Splitboard Award by Splitboard Magazine. Here you have some opinions from our testers.

Elena Gonzalez de Murillo:

It became quite clear from the beginning that this would be the splitboard that would best suit my needs and characteristics. It is not a girl’s specific board, but it’s ideal for a woman, or anyone not too heavy. It feels well skinning up, it has a good grip, it’s light and easy to ensemble. It has a good torsion, which enables to chain turns easily, both on hard pack and groomed snow, and allows to turn fluidly even on steep terrain. It’s a splitboard with character, although easy to handle, but it lacks a bit of pop. It floats well on powder, and its stiff tail makes a comfy board on deep powder and mixed snow.

Rider: Elena Gonzalez de Murillo / Photo: Marc Sixto / Spot: Tavascan

Splitboard Magazine Staff:

Good news for female splitboarders; it is not a girl specific board, but it has the perfect specs for female riders. Last year we had the chance to test the Cashew and we were quite impressed by its performance. A 100% all-mountain, well balanced board. Its rocker profile makes a fun and lively board on powder, although it feels a bit slow while initiating the turns, and it’s missing some pop. A versatile board with a great finish; it’s the only 100% clean base board in the market thanks to an internal insert reinforcement system, which doesn’t go all the way down to the base.


Splitboard Test: www.splitboardmag.com
More Info:www.voelkl-snowboards.com

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