Valley days by Victor Heim

Sometimes, the best lines are found in our own backyard. Victor Heim is proud to call the Zillertal valley, Austria, his home, and here’s a story of how one line became the best line of the season.

Victor Heim: I can remember the exact moment when I first saw the face after hiking over a small ridge somewhere in the valley. The first thoughts which rushed trough my head were: Yes I found a little Alaska, let´s ride it!. But as it turned out it wasn´t that easy at all.

After one failed attempt to ride it, and another year passing with too less snow in the face, last year was finally the time to shred this thing!

I called my friend Simon Rainer, a very talented photographer from Innsbruck, and told him about my plan.  Luckily he was immediately motivated to follow me and capture some moments of this day, which turned out to be one oft he best days of last season.

The access to my planed drop in position was quite sketchy and had to climb a bit to get to the perfect starting point.

After succesfully riding “little Alaska” I was really pumped, so I decided to put on my skins again to hike another face which you can reach within 15 minutes more or less. Safe to say this run was, because of his lenght, more enjoyable than the first one. I found really good snow to cruise down the upper part before entering a coulouir to finish up the line.

After riding down to the valley we finished up our day with a Wiener Schnitzel and some beer!

Thanks to Simon fort the pictures! Check out his page: 

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