The USA story-Teton pass.

the USA story

We went splitboarding to Teton pass. It was epic!

During this summer, while I was on a road trip with my camper van I decided to call my buddy and ask him what he is up to. Someone said, thare is not such a thing as a coincidence, but he was in the same city in south Bohemia so we met and had a beer.

We did not seen each other for a while so he told me the story about snowboarding in USA, where he went past year and that he is planning to go there again and he´s looking for photographer. I got stoked. Snowboarding in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah sounded so good.

There are so many things you can talk about but there is even more to do. So half a year after, I was on the plane from Prague to Las Vegas.
It felt so strange to land in the midle of the desert in winter jacket with all the snowbags. Luckily we did not staied there for long and the next day we hitted the road.

After visiting Zion National Park and Arches we finally arrived to Colorado. What more it was dumping outside. No time to waste. We slept on the parking lot and the next day we were ready to make some waist deep powder turns.

SplitUnite is the project which aims to promote splitboarding in Czekoslovakia and other countries.

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