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the usa story

On the way to Jackson Hole we got to understand why Wyoming is also called the cowboy state.

A straight road surrounded by land with cows and horses seemed to be endless. We approached the majestic mountains by the dusk. While we passed through Jackson Hole village I started to notice a special feeling. I had to admit that this place has something in it.

The level of stoke raised while we got off the main road and slowly rode into the dark. My buddy warned me that we were going to some special place so I was expecting many things but definitely not an enormous chalet in the middle of nowhere. I could not believe it. After almost a week of snowbum lifestyle we were being hosted in a place like that.

It was hard to stop wondering and smiling while we investigated the house.

The next day we woke up into a beautiful sunny day and while we rode to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort I saw a moose by the road. We picked up the ski-passes at the desk and went up with the Aerial Tram, which is also called The Red Heli.

After the first run we met Rob Kingwill, who apart from being an amazing rider, is also a super humble guy. He took us around and introduced us to his friends. I got the feeling that these people are all one family who lives in a special kind of symbiosis with the mountains around. While sitting on a chairlift we asked Rob about Guch, and in a matter of minutes we were shaking hands with the master.

It was perhaps that special kind of symbiosis again. When we were sitting in a hot tub with a cold beer after epic day riding Jackson Hole, overlooking the majestic peaks of the Grand Teton, I still could not believe how far we (two ordinary Czech guys) had been able to make it with a simple desire for traveling and splitboarding.

And by that time, our Jackson Hole adventure was yet to begin.

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Mira Kube
Mira Kube

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