The USA story-Colorado.

usa trip colorado

As we approached the mountain pass it started to snow heavily. It was such a strange feeling to see and literaly feel anormous truck with the chains on wheels overtaking you from right side on a freeway which was completely covered with snow.

Anyway we were in Colorado, it was late night and it was dumping outside. We were so stoked to be up in the mountains with that much fresh snow so we slept on a parking lot. First day snowboarding in USA was a powder day. We were riding waist deep snow in Breckenridge.
Then we went to Vail where we rode powder in sick tight aspen forests with picture perfect weather. Three days after storm we moved to Copper mountain parking lot.

Temperatures dropped significantly but we were on constant search for powder mode so we did not care much. In order to get some freshies we had to dig deep in to the forests which was actually fun. And we succeded.

After week of powder gipsy lifestyle we were satisfied and ready to hit the road to Jackson Hole.

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Mira Kube
Mira Kube

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