Tzigan Caravan


Hintertux, Austria

We drove all night. It was still dark when we arrived to the Alps. We were so happy to see the snow. Not much of it but better than nothing.

In the quiet night there stood solely van on the parking lot. We parked next to it, opened a beer and smoked in the silence. Suddenly I hear, what the hack is this?

There´s a chimney sticking out of the rear door, man! Real Tzigan caravan!  We slept and hang around car until the folks get back from riding.


Hey bud, do not even think to take your boots off, one of the folks shouted. We have to go to get some wood. Shortly after that the smoke was coming out of the chimney. Then the night took over.

There we were, 6 men in the van, listening to the crackling of the fire, waiting for advised snowfall to come. Following morning it was hard to see outside.

We were lucky. It was snowing. Our winter season was just about to begin and Tzigan caravan was part of it.

For us, this is splitboarding.

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