Puyehue volcano: Surf the crater

surf the crater splitboarding

[small]Words: Queque Parodi
Photo: Osvaldo Peralta[/small]

The absurd idea to make up with nature after the June 4th 2011 eruption, in which the Puyehue volcano covered our village with more than 40 centimeters of sand and volcanic ash led to this expedition.

The goal
To snowboard on the inner walls of the crater of the volcano Puyehue, on the face that we call mini AK, with over 50° of continuous slope. The most ambitious option of the 360 degrees options that there are.

The team
Riders: Tomas Materi, Tomas Orol, Queque Parodi
Director: Juan Stadler
Photographer: Osvaldo Peralta
Heli: Diego Fasel
Producción: Queque Parodi

The idea
The idea was born one afternoon a few days after the eruption, while looking out the window of my father’s shop, the ashes were blown by the wind from the middle of the Andes range to deposit them on the roof of our houses in Villa La Angostura . I told to myself that I wanted to see how the volcano is physically, so I looked online and found mindblowing pictures. That’s when I stood up and told everyone who was at my father’s house: I will snowboard the Puyehue volcano crater.

The motivation
The challenge, something that was not easy to achieve, but above all it would be a truce with nature. The nature that shook with rage our village, a magical village, full of colors, called by many people the Patagonia’s garden, it was then painted gray because of the ashes, you couldn’t breathe that air, it was an apocalypse to live in our village. So to snowboard inside the volcano was like ourselves being in harmony with nature again

Video: SURF THE CRATER Haciendo las paces con la naturaleza from Alturafilms

The Video:


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