Manzana SplitFestival 2013

manzana split festival

The Splitboard is one of the new trends in the World of freeriding-backcountry, and of course people from Asturias, refused to be left behind.

It was in this manner how the SasquatchAsturSplitboardingQlub S.A.S.Q. it was revived, and I say revived, because the SasquatchAsturSnowboardingQlub had been already founded in 1993and for some reason it had faded away over the years.

Encouraged by the world scene of Splitboarding, S.A.S.Q, first organized in the Cantabrian Mountains, in the north of Spain, the ManzanaSplitFestival2013, in the Picos de Europa, based in Sotres, on 9-10 February. It´s a festival pen to all those who wish to start in this new discipline and of course to all the amateur Splitboarders.

The program consist of two routes, one each day, making summit in the Cueto Tejao and in the Sacred Heart peak; a talk about avalanches and safety in the mountains, possibly given by David Pujol, a screening of a film about the world of Splitboarding and freeriding, and in the evening Espicha Asturiana (Fiesta!) with drawing of gifts and nominations to the Splitboarder from the most remote location, most technical, to the most tacky, to the most “flashy female” in the festival, to the eldest and the best picture.

For the curious people who want to try or intend to start, there will be test Splitboards donated by Burton and Völkl.

Remember! Manzana Splitfestival 2013, the days 9-10 February, weekend carnival, Sotres, Picos de Europa, Asturias.

We must attend!

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