Splitboardmag&SP video contest 2013-14

Splitboardmag&SP video contest 2013-14

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In collaboration with www.splitboardmag.com & SP gadgets

Reason of this Contest:
The idea of this contest is to spread and promote splitboarding. By boosting this sport in a creative and audiovisual sort of way we hope to reach new people and obtain an even higher number of boarders. The videos send to the contest will be used by splitboardmag within the WEB 2.0 (web, FB, ect…) to that end.

How to participate:
1.Make and edit your video (It should be no longer than 30 seconds) and explain your adventures with the splitboard. They may be personal experiences, invented stories, routes, tricks …

2.Once edited post it at the Splitboard Magazine’s Facebook wall using the hashtag #splitboardmagvideocontest

3.Splitboard Magazine will share each video. Once shared by Splitboardmag, the video that gets more likes will be the winner.

4.Copyrights must be respected at all times in the videos and all participants are responsible to mind and respect these.

Entry Dates:
-From 9th of April 2014 till 9th of May 2014

The results of the contest will be published on the 15th of May in FB and Web 2.0

Data processing:
To enter the contest all participants must accept the conditions, as well as authorize personal data processing and publishing of these in FB and Web 2.0 and accept the elected winner of the contest by www.splitboardmag.com.

Acceptance of the Conditions:
By participating in this contest you accept all conditions and criteria of splitboardmag.com including the corresponding solutions to any alterations of the contest and the election of the winner
Infringement of these conditions on behalf of the participant will lead to expulsion.

1.Power bar Duo / Pov Case / Remote Pole
More info prizes: www.sp-gadgets.com

Shipping fees will be taken over by www.splitboardmag.com

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