Splitboarding Video Project Tavascan

The idea of making the video project about our splitboard season was born when I moved to Spain in 2014. I met Jirka, splitboarder and cameraman from Czech Republic who’ s living in Spain. He has the ability to travel safely in high alpine terrain with loads of camera gear and positive attitude to sacrifice the good run in order to get the good shots. He is the right buddy for any kind of mountain adventrure. So we decided to press the record bottom and do not stop until the splitboard season is over. We aim to capture the essence of our beloved sport and share our endless passion for splitboarding with others.

SplitUnite Splitboarding Project – Tavascan from WeDare Films on Vimeo.

The winter was finally here. By the time I was living in the cabin lost in the very end of the Cardós valley in the Catalan part of Pyrenees near border with France. Sorounded by majesty peaks with one enormous benefit that Tavascan ski resort is literaly behind the corner. To be exact it is 5 minutes drive up the road that ends at the foot of the chairlift which is the invitation to wonderland of every passionate freerider.

It finaly started to snow heavily. On Saturday morning it was around 30 of us, horny freeriders waiting at the bottom station until the avalenche danger got under control. There was no time to waste. We took the first chair to top station and started breaking the skin track uphill to the ridge above Tavascan the ski resort. It took us less than hour and we stood above the choote filled with tempting powder waiting just for us. David was the first one to hit it. I listened cerefully as he dissapeared behind the edge in order to find out the snow conditions below. Suddenly I heard shouts. What just happened – fall or avalanche? Non of these. The shouts quickly turned into applause and I knew that David was having a blast down there. It was my turn. Oh yes, I was making one turn after another in the tight entrance of the choote with the perfect inclination and runout. I was going full speed as I approached the embouchure of the couloir. I heard the cheers of horny freeriders, pisteros and every human around. This is atmosphere in Tavascan!

SplitUnite 6

Typical for this winter season. After snow storm came the warm front. It was clear that if we wanted to ride the goods we had to move to higher elevations. We left the Tavascan ski resort behind and headed North-West to Mt. Roig (2846m) to ride the east facing couloir. Our plan was 6 hours approach to Mt. Roig cabin which sits right under the mouth of couloir. Unfortunately after 4 hours it started to rain which resulted in natural slides on all slopes around us. We had to abandon our plan and gave the gratitude to nearby cabin Fangasal. We set the fire in the stove, dried our clothes and got to sleep after the dusk. We woked up to a picture perfect sunny morning. Yet, because of high temperatures early at the sunrise we knew that we had to abandon our plan of summiting Mt. Roig for good.


We headed to scope the lines nearby Fangasal cabin. To our surprise we found relatively safe terrain with good orientation towards Sun and little inclination on the approach that lead into steep choote. I started the solo-ascend. Safe condtions on the approach were proved right so I continued into the mouth of steep couloir which was still protected from the sunlight. I knew that time run against me. This time I won the race against time. Last deep breath and it was time to drop in. After few claustrophobic turns the terrain turned into a perfect canvas. So I drew…

Photo & Text: Mira Kube (Gara Collective)

Video: Jirka Hruza (WeDare Films)

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