Splitboarding New Zealand – Ep 1

Splitboarding New Zealand – Ep 1

The season so far. Here is the first episode of the video series Splitboarding New Zealand.

Adam Fleming introduces himself, tells us why he splitboards and adds a video featuring some footage of the first turns of the season in the Southern Hemisphere.

Hi, I’m Adam and I Live in Queenstown, New Zealand. I’m just an average snowboarder who loves to explore the vast Backcountry and search for the best snow! After multiple northern hemisphere winter seasons I decided to move back home to New Zealand but after the huge super resorts and easy access backcountry in Europe and Japan i found the resorts here far too small and decided to buy a Splitboard.

After a few years i decided to start my blog to document my riding for myself but also to show others just how much fun is waiting just outside the ski area boundaries.

I will hopefully be doing a few more edits this winter here on Splitboard Magazine to help keep those in the Northern Hemisphere stoked for winter and show of the my beautiful backyard to splitboarders around the world!

More info: splitboardnz.com

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