Splitboard Romania ep 2. The snow of the lambs.

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The snow of the lambs in Romanian folklore is the name given to the snow that falls every year around Easter when the lambs are coming out. Also known as the snow of the starks or the snow of the swallows, all of these have deep roots in the folk tradition.

But, closer to us are the days of April that have just passed, in which the snow of the lambs should in fact be called the drowning of the lambs. It snowed more than it has the entire winter. Like we said, it was a very poor season here, and now, if winter is trying to wash away its sins or just showing its last act, the thing is that it certainly succeded.
Like it should, the weekend finds us in the mountains again. This time it was Postavaru and Ciucas mountains. Even though we’re used for Postavaru to be the busiest resort in Romania, we can say that on Saturday it was the freeride center of the country. Without any groomed tracks or lifts except for the cable car, without any congestion but with powder as far as the eye can see, it was the perfect place to make it all up for the dry season that we had. The heavy snowfall was like a cold beer after a hard day of work. Such a wave of joy for both skiers and snowboarders.

We decided to spend the next day, Palm Sunday in a christian sort of way – in Ciucas. Nine people gathered in three cars and off we went to Bratocea Pass. I remember two months ago that I had to bootpack my way up to the highest peak. But on the 13th of April we started skinning just from the side of the road. As we expected, the snow was there, but the weather was foggy. All the way up our host of a mountain wasn’t much friendly, but after our first run on Tesla Valley the sun was up in the sky. There was enough snow to trigger some small avalanches.

For the second run we chose the north face to Tesla Meadows. The snow here was exponentially deeper. Even with my splitboard, which is wide enough not to complain, it was hard to skin up the mountain. It was a short descent, but with an amazing sunset for a background.

The evening caught up with us while we were skinning back on the Bratocea ridge. We got to the cars at about 8PM and now, we are heading home.

Stratila Marius

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