Split to Win – A different splitfest

Split to Win – A different splitfest

SPLIT TO WIN is created to organize the biggest splitboarding gathering-contest in the Pyrenees and Southern Europe. Gathering more than 30 Spanish and Southern European splitboarders in a media exposed event.


With the aim of getting splitboarders together and sharing the passion for the sport, Gaiur Compañía de Snowboard and Splitboard Magazine have teamed up to organize this event.

Gaiur Compañía de Snowboard, will be in charge of the technical aspect of the event. The guides in Gaiur have been promoting and pushing the limits of splitboarding in the Pyrenees and the Andes range in South America for over a decade. They have organized 7 splitboarding events and they have guided endless splitboarders through the Val d’Aran backcountry.

The Splitboard Magazine team, – splitboarding webmagazine, a benchmark in the international splitboarding scene, will be in charge of spreading and promoting the event, before and after it takes places.



We have chosen the Ventosa y Calvell mountain refuge in the Pyrenees not only because the excellent conditions it offers, but also because of its handy approach from Caldes de Boi or Val d’ Aran. This mountain lodge will host and feed the participants, and will serve as a base for any logistic set up. The north face of Pic de Comalaespada grants optimal conditions to celebrate this gathering.


The weekend of March 27th and 29th, 2015.


SPLIT TO WIN will take place in two days:

Día 1. Freeride Day:

The organizers will find a proper terrain regarding steepness, vertical drop and snow quality, where splitboarders will have to access by their own means, and ride down considering they will be judge by the following freeride criteria: fluidity, control, engagement, creativity and general impression.

Día 2. Chinese Dowhill Day:

Pure fun. The essence of the Chinese Downhill is that nobody knows who will make it first until the last meter.

SPLIT TO WIN is open to every splitboarder who can prove to be self sufficient on the high mountain, using crampons and an ice axe if necessary, and being capable to skin up to 1,000m of vertical drop in one day.

  • The use of security gear is required: Helmet, avalanche beacon, shovel and probe.
  • Subjective camera is an option.
  • Inscriptions are limited to 30 splitboarders, in strict sign in order.


1st: Salomon Premiere splitboard

2st: Plum Feyan splitboard bindings

3st: ASA splitboard skins, thanks to Splitboard Center


More info: www.splitfestpyrenees.com

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