Split & Sail Northern Norway

Split & Sail Northern Norway

Last spring Daniel Furberg, Furberg Snowboards‘ owner, and photographer Terje Valen Høihjelle spent a week in Troms, Norway, aboard an old wooden sailboat. But the main purpose with the trip wasn’t sailing, but go splitboarding places which can only be accessed by boat

It all started with a message from splitboarder Juha Tolvanen to Daniel:

Juha: “Hey Daniel, do you want to join a bunch of drunken crazy Finnish people, that you never met before, on a sailboat in Troms?”

Well ok, maybe that wasn’t exactly what Juha wrote. But a good story is better than a true story. And it was the essence of the message. What could possibly go wrong?

Daniel:Of course, Juha! Can I bring our camera guy, Terje?”

The boat, Opal, was a beautiful old wooden sail boat. With room for 12 people plus the crew. Of course there was a sauna on the boat. Have you ever seen a Finnish man far away from a sauna? There were also a jacuzzi, a rubber boat, a chef and a crew willing to take us to where we wanted to ride. And a homogeneous group of experienced skiers and snowboarders. Making it possible to explore some of Troms’ exciting terrain, checking out the less crowded skitouring/splitboarding destinations like Uløya, Kåfjord, Reinfjord and Jøkelfjord

The drunken crazy Finnish people turned out to be super fun. Life on the boat was easy when waking up to breakfast with freshly baked bread. Every morning. Before jumping in the rubber boat to go shredding something remote. And when we got back on the boat the dinner was warm, the sauna was hot and the beers were cold. Sometimes life is just like you deserve.

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