Split Life trailer

Split Life Trailer

Real splitters getting up to get down, nothing more nothing less. Full length premiering at the Mt. Baker Splitboard Festival, March 28.

Online premiere April 20. We want to share our split adventures with you guys, and have you share yours with us. So you can submit your SPLITBOARDing edits to us and we’ll share them on the site. Seems like a lot of fools these days just want to get something out of splitboarding.

Get sponsored, get credit for 1st descents, get free gear, get bragging rights well fuck all that we say: What are you GIVING to splitboarding? Where’s your contribution?

Get buck out there and film it, submit to us and bask in internet fame glory.

Most of all don’t take it too seriously. SPLIT LIFE for LIFE!

More info: splitlife.net

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