Spark R&D ARC Pro bindings 2018-2019

A few years after the release of the Spark R&D Tesla T1 system, and another year in the market for the Pillow Line straps, Spark R&D steps it up and offer a new series of bindings: the PRO series.

Available in both of their models, ARC and Surge, these top of the line bindings are the perfect choice for those that look at every gram. Here’s the video review of the ARC Pro model.

UPDATE October 2018: The Pro bindings will not come with aluminum pivot points as it says on the video due to changes on production after this review was published.


Spark R&D: “The lightest, and highest performing splitboard bindings in the world. We’ve been making bindings and winning hearts and awards for over a decade now. Our Arc and Surge bindings are considered the best splitboard bindings you can buy. But we couldn’t help but ask selves – how much farther could we go?

So, we pored over our Arc and Surge bindings from end to end and put each component under the

microscope. Can we make it thinner? Can we use a different material? Can we combine these parts? Should we make a custom version? The answer to all of it … was YES. And we did. Right here at Spark HQ.

 Our Pro Series bindings are the lightest and highest performing bindings in the world – made with incredible attention to detail and no compromises. Pro bindings feature all the same great assets as our standard Arc and Surge bindings tuned up with premium materials and custom components.”

New features on the Pro series:

  •  Carbon reinforced nylon highbacks are more responsive, lighter, and stiffer than our standard glass reinforced highbacks. Injection molding allows for more complex geometry and improved impact strength compared to other methods of carbon fiber construction.
  •  Full Pebax plastics in Pillow Line straps, ladders, and adjusters. Pebax is a premium material most often found in high-end ski boots as it provides consistent stiffness and improved toughness in cold temperatures. It’s also 20% lighter than our standard material.
  •  7075 aluminum heel loops are thinner and lighter than our standard heel loops while maintaining the required strength. We purchase this material in a softened state, machine and bend it, and then heat treat it in-house to lock in the shape.

Weight: Men’s ARC Pro Medium size 552gr/1.22lb each.


  • The simplicity of the proven Tesla T1 system
  • Superior comfort with new Pillow Line straps made of Pebax
  • Improved stiffness on the highback allowing a more powerful ride
  • Its lightness, helping you to get to the top of the mountain with less effort


After testing them for a few days we didn’t find anything we couldn’t like about the bindings.


The simplicity and comfort of a Spark R&D binding, but even lighter. The PRO bindings are a great choice for those looking for simplicity but at the same time the lightest equipment out there. No matter if you’re attempting a hut-to-hut traverse in the Alps or a short powder run in the Rockies, the ARC Pro will deliver great performance in every condition saving some of your energy for the way down with zero compromise on the performance.

SPARK PRO BINDINGS 2018-19 from Splitboard Magazine on Vimeo.

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