Shiro, the teaser by Abstract films

Shiro, the teaser by Abstract films

Shiro is a snowboard shortfilm documentary where the crew travels more than 2000km around Hokkaido (Japan) in search of that perfect turn in one of the places with the highest snowfall in the world.

Shiro is the project that has taken again Abstract films to explore the Hokkaido mountains, after their previous film Mata Ne. Shiro is backcountry at its best, where mountain, snow and snowboard are in the same point.



In order to get this project up and running, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign. In which we offer people to be part of the project, with those contributing they will help us to make part of this project sustainable.

These founds are going to the technical team (music rights, sound, design …) and 10% that we collect will be donated to the POW Foundation. Follow the link to support it: crowdfunding for Shiro

Featuring Jordi Brusca, Laura Donet, Yuhiro Kondo, Gabriel Mojón, Jaume Pons, Charly Ranza y Pablo Sanchez.
Director: Miquel Soler
Producer: Abstract
Cinematography: Miquel Soler y Jose Villalba
Aerial footage: Lagoon Films
Still image: Juan Aizpuru
Art director: Ezequiel Macchi
Text: Edu Palau
Music: Bazz Boyz
Sound Dessign: Tortuga Sound

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