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    Spring is that time of year to think big. At the beginning of May, we joined our friend and local rider Aurelien Routens...
  • Tracing Snow

    “The kind of place where the way a traveler‘s tracks disappear in snow is something you get used to - such a place is the world of ours.“ - Princess Shikishi

    In January of 2015 my good friend and filmmaker, Tommy Penick, and I set out on a mission to go snowboarding in Slovakia.
    euro trip splitboard

    Iceland from the ice with love. Intense -That’s the word that best describes this land! Yet, none of us could have predicted what we were about to...
    splitboard iceland
  • Cerro Castillo, Patagonia

    Two years ago, I planned a snowboard trip around the New Zealand Camp, located at the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, in the Chilean region of Aysén.
    Cerro castillo Patagonia splitboard Magazine
  • Splitboard Trip – Kyrgyzstan

    Splitboard Trip Kyrgyzstan, Allot of mystery surrounded the mountain covered central Asian country prior to the trip. We were enticed by the promise of...
    splitboard trip kyrgyzstan
  • Splitboard Trip – A week in AK –

    Splitboard trip in Alaska, an outdoorsman’s paradise. If I were to call any place a second home, it would have to be AK.
    Justin Ibarra - Splitboarding in Alaska
  • Splitboard Trip -American Alps traverse-

    Splitboard Trip -American Alps traverse. At moments like this you wonder if you should just turn back. We were climbing the last thousand feet to the...
    American Alps traverse
  • Trip Report -Kara-Zo-

    Splitboard Magazine - Viva la Revolucion - Trip Report -Kara-Zo- These days it's on repeat in my head anytime we are hanging out in front of the yurt...
    Kyrgyzstan splitboard trip
  • Völkl Split trip -Japan

    Splitboard Magazine - Human factor - Völkl Split trip -Japan Splitboarding is not a new trend but within the last years more and more riders have acquired..
  • Mont Blanc (4810m.)

    Splitboard Magazine - Human factor - Mont Blanc: "I’d never actually thought about just how far I could go with my progress in snowboarding".
  • Krkonose The czech giant

    Krkonose, a white bearded, long haired giant looks after every corner of the biggest mountain region in the Czech Republic - named after ...
    Krkonose. Splitboard magazine
  • Splitboarding in the Southern Alps

    Southern Alps. New Zealand has a small but burgeoning splitboard scene as more backcountry riders become aware of the benefits of splitting into the...
    Splitboarding in the Southern Alps NZ. Splitboard magazine.
  • The story of a mistic journey

    Story. HUILO- HUILO BIOLOGICAL RESERVE CHILE Expectantly and silent, everyone checked their equipment for the last time- like musicians before a gig.
    chile splitboard
  • The Romsdalen Valley, splitboarder’s paradise

    Romsdalen valley, and that’s where I decided to move once I’d taken the decision to leave Oslo, after having lived in ...
  • Stelvio Diaries

    Stelvio National Park (Italy Sub Tirol), linking a refuge net. We were travelling around those incredible landscapes and climbing ...
  • Ruta: Pico Lariste

    Ruta: Pico Lariste. En este reportaje me gustaría acercaros al pico Lariste. Se trata de un pico de altura modesta, 2.168m., pero no por ello menos...
    ascensión pico lariste
  • Preparación de una ruta

    Preparación de una ruta. Cómo y qué llevar en la mochila, la pregunta del millón: Hay cosas básicas para todos y luego están esos truquillos, ya más...
    Preparación de una ruta en splitboard
  • Forquetas de Basibé

    Forquetas de Basibé. El splitboarding permite llegar a sitios no accesibles dentro de las zonas cercanas a una estación de esquí y snowboard...