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  • Splitboarder and Avalanche Researcher

    Cristina Perez is a 29 yearold splitboarder and scientist. She has a degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona. She's currently studying avalanches
    Cristina perez snowboarder
  • Communication devices in the mountains

    Communication devices in the mountains. Manuel Tajada is passionate about adventure and mountains in many of its disciplines: ski moun ...
  • Five minutes

    Five minutes. Miikka's view on the funnel of consequence. It all started with a scoping mission on a perfect day; Jarkko had been looking topo-maps and...
    splitboard five minutes
  • Nutrition for mountaineering and alpine sports

    Nutrition in mountaineering and alpine sports. Physical preparation for mountaineering and for Alpine Sports is still not well supported due to the fact...
    Nutrition in the mountains
  • Avalanche Rescue Dogs

    Splitboard Magazine - Viva la Revolucion Avalanche Rescue Dogs there is another location tool which is essential within a rescue team, but latest technology
    avalanche dog
  • Avalanche Awareness

    Beacons: how they work and what you should know about them. Jacques Combaz The basic self-rescue equipment in case of avalanche is composed of shovel...
    avalanche cover
  • The Human Factor

    Splitboard Magazine - The Human factor: When it comes to deciding if we drop on a face or not, we should evaluate and predict how stable the snow is...
  • Rescue

    rescue final step. How to use the showel and the probe "Once we have found the strongest beacon signal we may mark this position on the...
  • Safety, A safe ascent

    Safety. "Keeping in mind that most of the time spent on a splitboard is on the way up, it is especially important to take care of all the security measures
  • APS

    APS - Splitboard Magazine. Bastones, pieles y cuchillas. Material básico de progresión con splitboard...
  • Riesgo & Peligro

    Riesgo & Peligro. La mayor prioridad y el principal objetivo deben ser entender mejor la montaña, los mecanismos de la nieve y tener los conocimientos...
  • APS material básico de seguridad

    APS material básico de seguridad. Puedes estar como una cabra o puedes ser mas sensato que el resto, pero lo que nunca debe faltar en tus salidas...
    material básico de seguridad