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    Ty Mills was one of the first splitboard guides to obtain the ACMG certification.
  • TARO TAMAI the snowsurfer

    Taro Tamai, Patagonia ambassador, is not only the most iconic Japanese freerider, he is also the founder of Gemtenstick snowboards and the father of snow surf culture.

    While most of us are still dreaming of the winter that’s about to arrive, Mike Wigley travels around the world in search of the endless winter.
  • Interview- Stone Snowboards

    How cool is spltboarding in the Pyrenees! The weather is often good we have vast terrain to explore, we can go out just with a group of friends and charge our way down the mountain, jump cliffs; in short, have the time of our lives.
  • Interview – Joey Vosburgh

    It may all sound as a fairy tale or a scene from Hollywood movie about unknown splitboarders from Europe who traveled to America for the trip of their life times and met a legend of our beloved sport.
  • Interview – Aurelien Routens

    Aurelien Routens grew up in Grenoble and moved to La Grave – one of the freeriding and big mountain riding Mecca - over ten years ago.
    Aurelien Routens
  • Interview – Bryan Iguchi

    It may all sound as a fairy tale or a scene from Hollywood movie about unknown splitboarders from Europe who traveled to America for the trip of their life times and met a legend of our beloved sport.
    Bryan Iguchi Interview
  • Interview – Davide Capozzi

    In December we travelled to Courmayeur to catch up with Davide Capozzi, a rider from Morgex, a village located at the base of Mont Blanc (Aosta Valley)...
    cover Davide Capozzi - Marc Sixto Splitboard Magazine
  • Interview – Neil Provo

    Born and raised in Connecticut, Neil Provo migrated to Utah with his family at the age of 12. This might have been his first step to evolve his snowboarding...
    neil provo
  • The Splitboarding Community

    Splitboarding community. Founded in 2004 by ex-pro rider Chris Gallardo, is the pioneer splitboarding website and a reference in the...
  • Interview -Forrest Shearer-

    Forrest Shearer, californian rider based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a good example of passion and mindset in the mountains. From the Wasatch mount ...
    forrest shearer
  • Interview -Skylar Holgate-

    Skylar Holgate grew up in the San Juan Range. He is a good example of a mountain passionate. His work as mountain guide at Silverton Mountain, Alaska and...
    skylar holgate
  • Giving anything for splitboards

    Their name is their motto: “Splitboards4 Europe”. To supply the whole of Europe with splitboards. So that everyone can enjoy the white stuff even better.
    splitboard4europe cover
  • Interview -Mitch Tölderer-

    We met Mitch Tölderer at the busy ISPO trade show, Munich, during the month of February. Munich welcomed us with grey days, but Mitch received us with...
  • Travis Rice is a Splitboarder

    Splitboard Magazine - Human factor - Travis Rice is a Splitboarder: When you meet someone as famous as Travis for the first time, you usually have...
    Travis Rice interview
  • Interview -Xavier de le Rue-

    Xavier in his home valley, in St Lary-Soulan, French Pyrenees, before the season started. He is outgoing, mellow, humble, all smile...
    Xavier de la Rue. The big mountain rider from the Pyrenees. Interview. Always searching. Splitboard magazine.
  • Interview Luca Pandolfi

    If there’s anything that defines Luca –Jones Snowboards team rider- is the passion that drives his riding to the limits. His blog is a ...
  • Pau

    Pau. UIAGM Mountain guide 1. Splitboard / length / stance: Poacher RENU164 cm and 58cm Stance 2. Touring / Freeride / Mountain freestyle : Touring and...
  • Jeremy Jones, Live at ISPO 2011

    Jeremy Jones, live at ISPO. First of all, thank you very much for accepting to talk to us for You’re welcome Can you tell us about your...
  • The Phenix family

    Phenix family led by Séb resisting the global world reign by Marketing and directed by the huge corporations created for the only ...
  • Entrevista: Will Ritter -Sparkrandd-

    Entrevista: Will Ritter -Sparkrandd-. Will Ritter fundó la compañía Sparkrandd en su casa de Bozeman, USA y revolucionó el mundo del Splitboard.