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  • DARE – In Iceland.

    The two snowboard professionals Aline Bock/GER and Anne-Flore Marxer/SUI are on their way to Iceland...
  • Encuentro Pieles

    Encuentro de Pieles is a women´s splitboard and ski touring gathering in the Andes.
  • GIRLS! Daniela Hochmuth

    “Gris die, einen schönen Tag! First of all, let me introduce myself! My name is Daniela Hochmuth, I am 27 years old and based in Innsbruck, in the heart of the Austrian Alps.
  • Oksana Chekulaeva

    Born in Moscow in 1982, Oksana Chekulaeva is member of Russian Mountain Guide Association since 2011. With more than 70 successful ascending in Elbrus...
    Oksana Chekulaeva
  • Ana Salvador

    Ana Salvador is a rider from Aragon, in the Southern Spanish Pyrenees. She started sliding down the mountains on skis at the age of 5, and then...
    ana salvador
  • Girls – Iris Lazzareschi

    Iris Lazzareschi was growing up in the mountains of Tahoe Iris started snowsports and playing outside before she could walk. She grew up as second oldest...
    Girls Iris Lazzareschi - Splitboard Magazine -
  • Girls – Natalia Corail

    We had the pleasure of meeting Natalia Corail two summers back, during our visit to Chile. Since 2012, Nati works at Isoterma Cero, a backcountry company...
    Natalia Corail splitboard
  • Girls -Theresa Clinton-

    Theresa Clinton, Whistler, Canada. Prior Snowboard Team / Ambassador. Splitboard of Choice: Prior Khyber Split 156 and Prior Fissile Split 161 XTC Carbon...
    Theresa Clinton splitboarder
  • Girls -Aline Bock-

    Aline Bock is all about progression in Snowboarding. Since 2009, she has competed in the FWT Series, where she became Freeride World Champion in 2010.
    Aline bock splitboarder
  • Girls! -Liz Daley-

    During the month of March, we went to Chamonix to spend a couple of days with Liz Daley -professional Mountain Guide and Instructor for American Alpine...
    Liz Daley splitboarder
  • Girls!

    Splitboard Magazine - Human Factor - Girls!: Ana Penche Echazarra My first splitboarding experience was 3 years ago, during a tour to Airoto mountain...
    girls ana peche snow
  • Girls! Bibi Pekarek

    Bibi Pekarek. The Jones Snowboards rider writes four lines about splitboarding from Alaska. Bibi is a role model. After getting over a knee injury following a...
    Bibi Pekarek - Girls. Splitboard magazine.
  • Girls! Splitboarding is the answer

    Girls. After endless years of sliding down the hill, winter and summer, at ski resorts but also on mountains, more or less off the beaten track, my riding...
  • Girls -Dani de Ruyter-

    Hello Dani de Ruyter. Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Where are you from? What you do in life? My name is Danielle de Ruyter...
  • Girls -El splitboard y yo-

    Girls -El splitboard y yo-. El tiempo ha pasado y muchas cosas se mantienen iguales: la ilusión por vivir, el aire libre, el viento, el olor a libertad…
    girls splitboard