Splitboardmag Magazines

  • 12 Just Go!

    New magazine online! Bad seasons particularly test our patience and motivation, our positive attitude and ultimately our sanity.
  • 11 The Right Path

    New magazine online!
    splitboard magazine cover 11
  • 10 United We Stand

    In this splitboardmag issue you will find an extense interview with Davide Capozzi, pushing the limits of steep riding and constantly...
    splitboard magazine
  • 09 Fueled by Passion

    In the new splitboardmag issue called Fueled by Passion, Split Life claims the important role of the amateur splitboarder.
    fueled by passion
  • 08 Nature’s Will

    This is our last issue of the season. It includes everything new for 2015 presented at ISPO...
    Splitboard Magazine cover
  • 07 Less is More

    In this issue shows us how important your decisions are when you are out in the backcountry.
    splitboard magazine cover 10
  • 06 Viva la Revolución

    In this issue you’ll hear from two of the most important freeriders, Austrian Mitch Tölderer and American...
  • 04 Always Searching

    Always searching is probably our most ambitious issue so far. It reflects our restless search for the best conditions, for new terrain...
    splitboardmag issue 5
  • 03 Welcome Winter

    This issue is born right after a huge snowfall that arrived a bit late in the season. Beginnings of the season are...
  • 02 Step by Step

    Our second issue is here, and that means that things are going in the right direction. We visited the ISPO trade show in Munich to know what does the...
    Splitboard magazine cover step by step
  • 01 Demo

    The first magazine dedicated entirely to splitboarding is now online. First demo issue, find out what we are capable of. Risk and danger in...