Splitboardmag Magazines

  • Higher Latitude

    a splitboard video project in Northern Norway
  • Tracing Snow

    “The kind of place where the way a traveler‘s tracks disappear in snow is something you get used to - such a place is the world of ours.“ - Princess Shikishi
  • Volcano Season

    Volcano Season by Kyle Miller. With longer days, warmer temperatures, and dry snow transforming to slush within a few minutes of direct sunlight...
    volcano season
  • Split to Win

    Split To Win was held last March. 1 mountain refuge hut, 3 days, 20 riders; a powerful group with unpaired attitude and camaraderie. Pure splitboarding!
    split to win. Pure splitboarding
  • The Climbing Skins

    It’s not easy to find detailed information about climbing skins, and although they seem to be considered as an accessory, in fact they’re a key element in splitboarding.
    climbing skins
  • How to become a Mountain Guide

    Eric Layton is a mountain guide, owner and head guide at Splitboard Guides International. He was the first snowboarder to pass the AMGA Ski Guide exam on...
    Mountain Guide Eric Layton - Splitboard Magazine
  • Split life films

    Split Life is born from the need to share the amateur splitboarding scene. There's no room for professional riders or big film companies, just real heroes...
    split life flims
  • Approaching the mountains

    Approaching the mountains. Joey Vosburgh spent his youth chasing snow around the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and developed a great appreciation and...
    Approaching the mountains. Joey Vosburgh
  • Splitboarding and AT boots

    Splitboarding and AT Boots. As if a splitboard alone isn’t a strange enough concept to those outside our small community, a splitboard/AT...
    splitboarding hardboots