Searching for gold by Whiteroom Productions

Searching for gold by Whiteroom Productions

The ongoing search for steep, undiscovered snow faces takes this passionate group of freeriders and filmmakers up a road built to support one of the highest gold mines in the world and leads them deep into the remote Ak-Shirak mountains in Kyrgyzstan. Both fascinated and appalled by the clash of the mining industry and the wild mountain glacier area, this group of five sets out on their adventure in search of gold.

After the awarded When the mountains were wild,  check out the teaser of this new film from Whiteroom Productions, featuring splitboarder Mitch Tölderer (interview)


Music by
The Freeharmonic Orchestra – Sleepless —

Maurice Ravel – Piano Concerto for the left hand

Paul Tyan – The Pack – NYC Life

Austria/Kyrgyzstan 2017
Produced by Whiteroom Productions
Directed by Johannes Hoffmann
Filmed by Julia Brunner & Johannes Hoffmann
Athletes: Mitch Tölderer, Fabian Lentsch, Michael Trojer & Johannes Hoffmann
Instagram: whiteroomproductions

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