RIP Liz Daley


Right when I was checking the confirmed death of skiers Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair I found a news report saying that “an american tourist named Elizabeth Devon Daley was caught in an avalanche and found dead in El Chaltén”. I whispered “No…”, knowing that Liz Daley was in that area. Too many coincidences, but I still doublechecked the information as I couldn’t believe what I was just reading. I talked to my friends and it was clear that it was her, Liz.

I met Liz in a trip to Chamonix in 2013. It was my first time going to this steep Mecca, and as a good friend says “Chamonix, or learning to ride again”. And that’s exactly what happened to me. Especially because I was completely out of shape and going through a very hard personal moment. Even though I was struggling, she always had a smile on her face and some motivating and comforting words for me.

One could feel right away she was pure at heart, strong and determined. She would fight against any cliché by being a splitboarder mountain guide riding big mountain in a profession dominanted by men. She was a true outdoors lover as well as a passionate snowboarder, and she never got tired of proving it,

I never had the chance to meet her again but thanks to the internet I could follow her updates and wishing I was the one riding that deep powder or those steep lines, either in the Mt Blanc Massif or in the Cascades.

Liz Daley was exactly my age, based somewhere I would want to live and doing something I would love to do. She was living the dream.
Your huge smile and motivating cheer-ups will guide us in every skin track of every mountain in every country, and in every turn we make there will be a part of you.

Rest in peace Liz.

Victor Perise
Marc Sixto / David Perez


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