Introducing Pally’Hi, The World’s Finest Merino Stuff

Introducing Pally’Hi, The World’s Finest Merino Stuff

Peter Bauer Snowboard PH

Nov. 29th, 2013

Today Peter Bauer, owner of Amplid. Next Level Riding and ex-pro snowboarder, launches Pally’Hi, a merino wool apparel brand, and its online store

Pally’Hi was founded on the belief that not everybody who wears merino wool clothing wants the ‘Mt. Everest expedition’ style and fit. Peter said:

I spend as many winter mornings as I can snowboarding and in the summer I mountain bike. When I get back to the office, I don’t always have time to shower and change. I need performance focused clothing that I can rely-on to keep me dry and smelling good when I’m exercising, and looking good when I’m not. In the past I’ve been put-off wearing merino wool because of the florescent and skin-tight designs. I want to create merino clothing that’s just as wearable hauling luggage around an airport or propping-up a bar with friends as it is poaching couloirs in Chamonix.

Pally’Hi’s debut collection is a mix of summer and winter essentials with versatile colours and casual fits. All T-shirts, long-johns and underwear are manufactured from the finest 120 gsm or 180gsm merino fabric with ultra-fine 17.5 micron diameter fibres which guarantees itch-less warmth and comfort. All Pally’Hi merino wool is sourced from AWTA (Australian Wool Testing Authority) certified farms.

Pally’Hi clothing is available to buy from select retailers and online at

Find more information at

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