Ordiguer Couloir (Cadí Range,Pyrenees)

ordiguer splitboard

[small]Rider: David Pérez[/small]

The moist in the air makes us sweat more than we expected as we proceed through the path towards Prat de Cadí, where we are finally able to put the climbing skins on.

Easily we get higher looking for the couloir as the sun is trying to break the deep fog that has been present during the whole way. We do the last traverse behind the stunning rock wall of the Roca de l’Ordiguer (2346m.) where we stop to put the crampons on. We walk through the debris of an old avalanche and we start climbing, going through the first part without any problem. The snow conditions are excellent to continue and we are really enjoying the climb. Some minutes before 11:00 a.m. we get to the pass enjoying the sea of clouds above the Cerdanya valley while we get ready for the downhill.

Friends, powder, steep… is there anything better?

Maybe the beer that awaits for us at Cal Basté in Estana, but before, there’s a line that remains to be drawn to remember.

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