montroig cami a la canal

We live in the Pyrenees, more precisely in Pallars Sobirà, an area full of mountains and hidden corners, which offer endless possibilities when it comes to get out there and look for new routes.

But actually, the fact of living here in the Pyrenees means that a great number of days of our short winter season the conditions are not ideal to get out and reach our goals; that’s why the idea of endless possibilities is a concept more than anything …

Nevertheless, I think this is something positive: you can’t be impatient, unconscious nor desperate, it’s all about being flexible, adaptable and thankful for what you got.

If you have the occasion of going somewhere, go for it, because you might not have another chance to do it.
We had been willing to go down the central couloir of Mont-Roig, and the occasion came up yesterday, so we went for it! We knew the conditions weren’t at its best, it wasn’t the best possible moment for it, but, is there a better moment than now?

We had two days, so we decided to spend the first day approaching the open refuge of Mont-Roig, and attack the couloir on the second day first thing in the morning, because the temperatures have been really high lately, and the couloir could be a big mess at noon. After eating something, we headed towards the Pic de la Gallina (2753m) and we enjoyed a pleasant run down its East face. We had dinner and after joking around for a long while, we finally caught some sleep.

roc entrant canal

This morning we woke up all amped at 6:30, and after coffee and something quick to eat we left the refuge with our crampons on, as the snow was as hard as concrete and the couloir is not far from the refuge. We hiked up to easily, and once we made it to the ridge that crowns the corridor, we decided to summit Mont-Roig North (2859m), which is right there. We still had to wait for an hour and a half until the sun did its job and softened the couloir a bit. We kept feeling the snow, which didn’t seem to change much, as it wasn’t as warm as the previous days.

In the end, we were too eager to wait any longer and we started to go down the couloir. We had heard the couloir had up to 50 degrees, but actually it was nowhere over 45 degrees (we calculated the steepness with an inclinometer).

It is very wide and comfortable, and the exit is fine. We certainly recommend it, the single inconvenience could be the orientation (E/SE), but let’s not look for down sides where there aren’t any! We hit it in hard snow, but we did enjoy it despite that, so if you happen to be there with better conditions, you’ll be frothing.

We encourage everyone to come and visit the hidden corners of Pallars; even if the conditions are not the best, it’s better to be out on the mountains than to be sitting at home!

Roc Sagristà
Roc Sagristà
Elena de Murillo

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