“Momenta” Releases Online Today

“Momenta” Releases Online Today

momenta release

Protect Our Winters Releases Coal Export Documentary, presented by SNOCRU

Pacific Palisades, CA (February 6, 2015 ) – This week, global climate change nonprofit Protect Our Winters and production company Plus M Productions released their new documentary, Momenta, telling the story of a Pacific Northwest coal project that’s threatening the global environment on a scale greater than the Keystone Pipeline. After premiering in key markets and on the film festival circuit, the film is now free to view online.

“This is a story that needs to be told, and illustrated to give everyone the scale of the problem,” said POW’s Executive Director, Chris Steinkamp. “Momenta tells the story of a region at the center of the global climate issue – do we maintain the destructive status quo or look forward to the future?”

Since American demand for coal is declining, the American coal industry has turned its attention to rapidly expanding Asian markets. The plan is to extract 140 million pounds of coal per year from the Powder River Basin and ship it overseas via deep-water ports in Washington and Oregon. Each day, over fifty mile-and-a-half-long trains, laden with Powder River coal, will travel from Wyoming and

Montana, thundering through hundreds of rural towns to ports in the Pacific Northwest. The near- constant stream of escaping coal dust imposes toxic environmental pollutants and a myriad of health risks in the communities through which the trains travel. On a global scale, environmental experts warn that the amount of carbon emissions produced by burning the Powder River coal deposit would result in cataclysmic and irreversible impacts on global climate change.

The documentary features interviews with prominent experts and environmental activists in locations already feeling the effects of the coal trains and who stand to be affected by the increased coal impacts throughout the entire length of the coal train route.

The film, presented by SNOCRU, features activist and author Bill McKibben, is narrated by world- renowned mountaineer Conrad Anker, and features Jeremy Jones, professional snowboarder, activist and founder of Protect Our Winters and pro snowboarder, Lucas Debari.

The goal of the film is to raise awareness on national scale of this immense issue, while also serving as an advocacy tool for the nonprofit partners in these locations to help continue their fight.

Ultimately, POW wants to see the closure of the deepwater ports in Longview, WA and Bellingham, WA, which would ultimately force the coal companies to re-think their export strategy.

“That coal has to stay in the ground. You can’t make the math of climate change work if you get the huge coal deposits of the Powder River Basin out and pour them into the atmosphere.”

— Bill McKibben, world-renowned author, scholar and environmentalist “Our members in the Pacific Northwest asked us to get involved,” said Jeremy Jones.

“The permitting process for these ports is in full-swing and we’ve got to raise awareness and activate communities now. There are better ways to produce energy and create jobs. And now is the time to transition.”

The film has been premiering in key markets and film festivals since summer 2014 and is now available free to anyone on www.momentaproject.com.

A DVD of the film with advocacy materials is also being made available to local nonprofits at no cost to aid with their local advocacy efforts.

For more information, or to schedule a screening, please visit www.momentaproject.com or email chris@protectourwinters.org

About Protect Our Winters

Founded in 2007 by pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones, Protect Our Winters is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to engage and mobilize the winter sports community to lead the fight against climate change. Our focus is on educational initiatives, advocacy and support of community- based activism. To find out more about Protect Our Winters, please visit us at  www.protectourwinters.org.

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