The Modloc, a new model by PLUMsplitboard

The Modloc, a new model by PLUMsplitboard

Discover our new splitboard binding the “Modlloc“.
The first rental splitboard binding winner of the Ispo Award gold winner 2017/2018.

To promote Splitboard to a larger audience, PLUMsplitboard has designed a unique rental interface and binding system for shops.
The angles and position (goofy to regular) adjustments will be easier with only one screwdriver. On the binding, the heel cup adjustment has been simplified thanks to a user-friendly sliding rail.
A perfect and convenient product for rental shops which will enables skimen to provide a fast and efficient service combined with high quality gear.

Easy adjustment :
The binding Plum Modloc has been designed in order to facilitate every splitboard binding adjustments. Indeed, to date no splitboard binding offers an adjustment within a 5-minute period.

After 5 years of tests and developments and 3 years of effective sales on the market, countless customers and stores feedbacks, we’ve finally come to a solution. A lot of stores were opposed to offer rental splitboards, assessing that binding adjustments were to complex. Our bindings have proven their reliability and are user-friendly for splitboard beginners, we’ve focused our work on simplifying the mounting and more specifically adjustments.

To be concrete we’ve moved from a complete set of 20 screws with 2 different screw sizes to 12 screws with a unique screw size. It takes to use a unique screwdriver, to slightly unscrew this screws to move from goofy to regular position while adjusting the angles. This smart system remains unique on the market.

Enhanced use  :
The interface is composed of discs and PAD (triangular plates) (1), this system enables the connection between binding and board. The binding (spoiler (2), straps (3) and aluminum plate (4)) has to be positioned on the PAD and to be locked on thanks to a lever (patented system). It’s on the system (binding/interface) that we’ve focused our research and work, to optimize and make it more user-friendly. 

A unique system:
Use a Torx 30 screwdriver, loosen the PAD (1) screw and slide the PAD. It gives access to the angles (2) adjustment screws that you just need to release to finally adjust the angles. To move from goofy to regular, you must unscrew the PAD screw (1), lift up the PAD and rotate it 180° (3).
Once the interface is properly closed, you only have to place the binding on the PAD to do the ultimate heel cup adjustments.


Heel cup adjustment :

Heel cup adjustments are quite fastidious, that’s the reason why we’ve designed a sliding rail that enables a fast and easy adjustment. To go further into details, we’ve chosen a Torx print because it’s the most efficient and resistant screw. Ideal for rental shops, who will intensely use them.  Although we have all these options, the binding remains light, 900 g per foot (interface not include).

To date, all the splitboard inserts got the M6 standards, the main challenge was to adapt all screws and bolts in M6 standards in order to use one same tool. On the interface, we’ve replaced the 3 M5 screws by one 1 M6 screw which lead to a re-dimension of the PAD. However, we’ve kept our general dimensioning to ensure a compatibility with all our bindings.

The master piece is the nut under the PAD, it must enable the slide and rotation of the PAD, compatible with ISO 14573 norm (Snowboard norm). The nut dimension is not very flexible, that’s why we’ve made a lot of tests to find the most appropriate material. To do a quick heel cup adjustment with less screws (M6 standard), we’ve been forced to design a new system.


Our goal is to be able to offer splitboard rents in a simple and efficient way like any other products. For the last 20 years, the ski and snowboard rent have skyrocketed to the detriment of sales, it’s quite legitimate that the splitboard industry follows this trend.

To sum up the main advantages:
Fast angles adjustments
Efficient move from goofy to regular
Fast heel cup adjustment 
-Only one screwdriver T30
for all the manipulations 
– No need to fully unscrew the screws.

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