MEDIA KIT 2018-19

Our Philosophy

SPLITBOARD MAG is the only magazine dedicated entirely to the splitboarding world. Our magazine is free and online, aiming to reach any splitboarder in every corner of the world.

Our main focus is to offer quality and exclusive content, being the most reliable source about splitboarding worldwide.



  • Men65%

  • Women35%

Country visits

  • Europe 48%
  • North America 40%
  • Japan, Argentina, Chile, NZ ..12%

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Visits 2017-18 Season







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Splitboard Magazine growth in the previous years

2016-17 season. 81742 sessions
2015-16 season. 73174 sessions
2014-15 season. 62503 sessions
2013-14 season. 53128 sessions
2012-13 season. 44748 sessions

Advertising in splitboardmag is easy

There are many advertisement options at Splitboard Magazine

Banner Home

Banner placed in the most visible part from the website, including a link to your website.

Banner home top 728x90px (left): 400€*

Banner home upper 728x90px (left): 350€*

Banner home upper 400x90px (right): 310€*

Banner home middle (left and right)  570x250px: 250€*

Banner home lower (left and right)  570x250px: 200€*

Technical requirements: 80kb max .jpg, .png, .gif

*Price per month.

20% off when purchasing more than 4 months

Banner Features

Placed in the Features site, where all the videos, news and press releases are posted.

Banner Feature upper 728x90px: 300€*

Banner  Features 270x250px: 200€*

Technical requirements: 40kb max .jpg, .png

*Price per month.

*20% off when purchasing more than 4 months

Test Splitboard Magazine

To be published an article in the beginning of Autumn. The biggest and most respected splitboard test in the market, carried out by professional splitboarders

Within 4 days the boards will be tested and rated in order to publish a full article including pictures and a video in the following Autumn. The equipment must be in perfect conditions, and the brand will pay for the shipping costs.

You would be able to use these awards to promote your products as we will send you the logo with the designed award, and could be used in your website, boards or anywhere that might be of your interest.


Splitboard Test

Splitboard Magazine will give some awards to the tested equipment.

These awards are totally independent, only based in the testers reviews.

Your brand will appear in the action pictures and in the official video.

Splitboard Magazine will give some awards to the tested equipment.

Price: 350€*

*Price for one Splitboard

20% off when purchasing a ad for the magazine

Oficial Video

Catalog & Product Reviews

Publishing your product in the Splitboard magazine THE CATALOG.


Your brand will have a unique page especially designed to show your product with their own description, specs, retail price and linked to your website.

120€* per item

*When purchasing a banner we offer you a whole page for your products without any extra cost.

Product Review

Full video review of around 2 minutes long featuring your product, with an explanation of the basic features and showing how to use the product.

This video will be published in our website and linked to your website.

Price: 400€

Product File

Product file in our magazine, with a picture of the product and a short description of it.

Published in the Features site and linked to your website.

Price: 150€ per item


Do not hesitate to ask for more info on rates and statistics at: