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  • 12 Just Go!

    New magazine online! Bad seasons particularly test our patience and motivation, our positive attitude and ultimately our sanity.
  • Völkl Snowboards AD

    ABOUT VÖLKL SNOWBOARDS One of the leaders in Europe and worldwide, Völkl Snowboards uses their knowledge learnt in more than 90 years of history to build […]
    AD Volkl
  • Editorial

    Just Go! We’re heading on to the last strokes of 2015-16 season. It’s looking alright, as May, June and even July -depending on which area of the Northern...
    editorial splitboardmag
  • Volcano Season

    Volcano Season by Kyle Miller. With longer days, warmer temperatures, and dry snow transforming to slush within a few minutes of direct sunlight...
    volcano season
  • Splitboard test 2017

    Splitboard test 2016. This last February, the Splitboard Magazine held the annual Splitboard test in the Catalonian resort Baqueira-Beret, Val d’Aran.
    splitboard test
  • Interview – Aurelien Routens

    Aurelien Routens grew up in Grenoble and moved to La Grave – one of the freeriding and big mountain riding Mecca - over ten years ago.
    Aurelien Routens
  • Oksana Chekulaeva

    Born in Moscow in 1982, Oksana Chekulaeva is member of Russian Mountain Guide Association since 2011. With more than 70 successful ascending in Elbrus...
    Oksana Chekulaeva
  • Splitboard Art – Seth Lightcap

    Seth Lightcap born in Wisconsin without a real mountain in a thousand miles, I taught myself to snowboard on the miniature hills of Midwest golf courses...
    splitboard art seth ligthcap
  • Split to Win

    Split To Win was held last March. 1 mountain refuge hut, 3 days, 20 riders; a powerful group with unpaired attitude and camaraderie. Pure splitboarding!
    split to win. Pure splitboarding
  • Eco Splitboard -Mervin Manufacturing-

    Mike Olson and I started Mervin Manufacturing. We have been hand building surfboards, skateboards and snowboard ourselves since we were kids...
    eco splitboard mervin

    In January of 2015 my good friend and filmmaker, Tommy Penick, and I set out on a mission to go snowboarding in Slovakia.
    euro trip splitboard