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  • Völkl Snowboards AD

    ABOUT VÖLKL SNOWBOARDS One of the leaders in Europe and worldwide, Völkl Snowboards uses their knowledge learnt in more than 90 years of history to build […]
    AD Volkl
  • Editorial

    The Right Path - Do we really find ourselves where we want to be? Are we following the right direction? Do we want to arrive quickly or would we rather...
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  • Product files

    The Product Files section provides you with the most innovative and high-performance splitboard gear from leading manufacturers to make your life easier..
  • The Climbing Skins

    It’s not easy to find detailed information about climbing skins, and although they seem to be considered as an accessory, in fact they’re a key element in splitboarding.
    climbing skins
  • Interview – Bryan Iguchi

    It may all sound as a fairy tale or a scene from Hollywood movie about unknown splitboarders from Europe who traveled to America for the trip of their life times and met a legend of our beloved sport.
    Bryan Iguchi Interview
  • Splitboard Art – RP Roberts

    Splitboard Art RP Roberts I paint landscapes to commission, so if you have a favorite peak, mountain or resort, get in touch.I can paint them any size
    splitboard art RP Roberts
  • Ana Salvador

    Ana Salvador is a rider from Aragon, in the Southern Spanish Pyrenees. She started sliding down the mountains on skis at the age of 5, and then...
    ana salvador
  • Eco Splitboard -Borealis Snowboards-

    Borealis Snowboards is a French snowboard manufacturer that started producing boards in 2013. Even though its early age, Borealis is not scared to fight...
    borealis eco splitboard

    Iceland from the ice with love. Intense -That’s the word that best describes this land! Yet, none of us could have predicted what we were about to...
    splitboard iceland