10 United We Stand

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  • 10 United We Stand

    In this splitboardmag issue you will find an extense interview with Davide Capozzi, pushing the limits of steep riding and constantly...
    splitboard magazine
  • AD Völkl

    One of the leaders in Europe and worldwide, Völkl Snowboards uses their knowledge learnt in more than 90 years of history to build outstanding products.
    AD Volkl
  • Editorial

    We would like to dedicate this editorial to all the people who feel inside themselves a force that leads them to undertake missions the majority...
    Editorial Splitboard magazine
  • AD Burton

    Burton Snowboards is a manufacturer of snowboards. Founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, the company specializes in a product line aimed at snowboarders
    AD Burton
  • Product Files

    The Product Files section provides you with the most innovative and high-performance splitboard gear from leading manufacturers to make your life easier in the mountains.
    Product_files14 Splitboard Magazine
  • AD Amplid

    Amplid is the sum of its parts. From inspiring artists to committed team riders and frost bitten demo guys, the large family of contributors who make Amplid
    ad Amplid
  • Gaiur snowboard company

    Say splitboarding in the Pyrenees, say Gaiur Compañía de Snowboard. Nelson Domínguez and Javi Barro have been showing their clients the best terrain...
    Gaiur snowboard company
  • AD Prior

    Whistler based company Prior started building splitboards in the year 2000, but they were building snowboards since 1990. One of the older and...
    AD prior
  • Splitboard test 2016

    Splitboard test 2016. This last February, the Splitboard Magazine held the annual Splitboard test in the Catalonian resort Baqueira-Beret, Val d’Aran.
    splitboard test 2016
  • AD Furberg

    The shape that revolutionized freeride skis turned out to work just as good on snowboards. Today Furberg Snowboards is considered to be maybe the most...
    ad Furberg
  • How to become a Mountain Guide

    Eric Layton is a mountain guide, owner and head guide at Splitboard Guides International. He was the first snowboarder to pass the AMGA Ski Guide exam on...
    Mountain Guide Eric Layton - Splitboard Magazine
  • Interview – Davide Capozzi

    In December we travelled to Courmayeur to catch up with Davide Capozzi, a rider from Morgex, a village located at the base of Mont Blanc (Aosta Valley)...
    cover Davide Capozzi - Marc Sixto Splitboard Magazine
  • Splitboard Art – Gonzalo Manera

    Coming from Madrid, a place not specially known for it’s snow, Gonzalo has been involved with the skateboard and snowboard scene for several decades now.
    splitboard art gonzalo manera
  • Girls – Iris Lazzareschi

    Iris Lazzareschi was growing up in the mountains of Tahoe Iris started snowsports and playing outside before she could walk. She grew up as second oldest...
    Girls Iris Lazzareschi - Splitboard Magazine -
  • Eco Splitboard -Gara-

    GARA Splitboards is a collective of chaotic independent individuals, connected by pure passion for splitboarding and development of splitboards, no matter..
    COVER Eco Splitboard Feeling Wood GARA - Splitboard Magazine
  • Cerro Castillo, Patagonia

    Two years ago, I planned a snowboard trip around the New Zealand Camp, located at the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, in the Chilean region of Aysén.
    Cerro castillo Patagonia splitboard Magazine