09 Fueled by Passion

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  • 09 Fueled by Passion

    In the new splitboardmag issue called Fueled by Passion, Split Life claims the important role of the amateur splitboarder.
    fueled by passion
  • AD Völkl Snowboards

    ABOUT VÖLKL SNOWBOARDS One of the leaders in Europe and worldwide, Völkl Snowboards uses their knowledge learnt in more than 90 years of history to build...
  • Editorial

    We would like to dedicate this editorial to all the people who feel inside themselves a force that leads them to undertake missions the majority...
  • AD Burton

    Burton Snowboards is a manufacturer of snowboards. Founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, the company specializes in a product line aimed at snowboarders
    AD Burton
  • Product Files

    The Product Files section provides you with the most innovative and high-performance splitboard gear from leading manufacturers to make your life easier in the mountains.
    product files
  • AD Spark R&D

    Based out of Bozeman, MT Spark R&D is rider owned and operated, dedicated to pushing innovation in the sport of splitboarding, since 2005.
    spark ad
  • Split life films

    Split Life is born from the need to share the amateur splitboarding scene. There's no room for professional riders or big film companies, just real heroes...
    split life flims
  • AD Prior

    Whistler based company Prior started building splitboards in the year 2000, but they were building snowboards since 1990. One of the older and...
    AD prior
  • Approaching the mountains

    Approaching the mountains. Joey Vosburgh spent his youth chasing snow around the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and developed a great appreciation and...
    Approaching the mountains. Joey Vosburgh
  • Splitboarding Technique

    Technique Splitboarding Turn. When we talk about splitboarding technique, we usually think about how we use our splitboarding ascending up the hill...
    splitboarding turn
  • Interview – Neil Provo

    Born and raised in Connecticut, Neil Provo migrated to Utah with his family at the age of 12. This might have been his first step to evolve his snowboarding...
    neil provo
  • Splitboard Art – Vanessa Stark

    Canadian artist Vanessa ‘Nes’ Stark lives beneath a 2,600 meters majestic peak, Mt. Currie. Mt. Currie is the northernmost summit of the Garibaldi...
    Splitboard art - Vanessa Stark
  • Girls – Natalia Corail

    We had the pleasure of meeting Natalia Corail two summers back, during our visit to Chile. Since 2012, Nati works at Isoterma Cero, a backcountry company...
    Natalia Corail splitboard
  • Eco Splitboard -NZERO Wax-

    Eco splitboard. NZero presents its complete range of 100% organic waxes for snowboarding and other snow sports. From 100% natural, NZero has developed a...
    eco splitboad nzero
  • Splitboard Trip – Kyrgyzstan

    Splitboard Trip Kyrgyzstan, Allot of mystery surrounded the mountain covered central Asian country prior to the trip. We were enticed by the promise of...
    splitboard trip kyrgyzstan
  • Snowman

    The renowned architect Antonio Gaudí once said: "In order to do things properly, two requirements are essential: first, the Love, second, the Technique.
    First, the Love; second, the Technique