08 Natures's Will

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  • 08 Nature’s Will

    This is our last issue of the season. It includes everything new for 2015 presented at ISPO...
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  • AD Völkl

    One of the leaders in Europe and worldwide, Völkl Snowboards uses their knowledge learnt in more than 90 years of history to build outstanding...
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  • AD Prior

    AD Prior. Whistler based company Prior started building splitboards in the year 2000, but they were building snowboards since 1990. One of the older and...
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  • Editorial

    Splitboard magazine - Editorial. Does anyone know Mother Nature’s laws precisely? Who writes these laws? Where can we find them? Where are they determined?
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  • AD Tavascan

    AD Tavascan - Splitboard Magazine. Tavascan La Pleta del Prat High Mountain Resort is one of the best kept secrets in the Pyrenees. With an excellent...
  • Product Files

    The Product Files section provides you with the most innovative and high-performance splitboard gear from leading manufacturers to make your life easier in the mountains.
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  • Splitboarder and Avalanche Researcher

    Cristina Perez is a 29 yearold splitboarder and scientist. She has a degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona. She's currently studying avalanches
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  • Communication devices in the mountains

    Communication devices in the mountains. Manuel Tajada is passionate about adventure and mountains in many of its disciplines: ski moun ...
  • The Splitboarding Community

    Splitboarding community. Founded in 2004 by ex-pro rider Chris Gallardo, Splitboard.com is the pioneer splitboarding website and a reference in the...
  • Test 2014-15

    Splitboard test 2015. Last February, the Splitboard Magazine staff headed once again to the Pleta del Prat refuge, on a mission to test a good splitboards.
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  • Splitboarding Technique

    Splitboarding Technique - Splitboard Magazine. When we get out on the mountain, we may encounter different types of snow and terrain where we’ll need to...
    progressing with crampons
  • Interview -Forrest Shearer-

    Forrest Shearer, californian rider based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a good example of passion and mindset in the mountains. From the Wasatch mount ...
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  • Splitboard Art -Jacob Tarazoff-

    Splitboard Art -Jacob Tarazoff- Over the last twenty years I have had some incredible experiences riding my snowboard among the Massifs of the Western...
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  • Girls -Theresa Clinton-

    Theresa Clinton, Whistler, Canada. Prior Snowboard Team / Ambassador. Splitboard of Choice: Prior Khyber Split 156 and Prior Fissile Split 161 XTC Carbon...
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  • Eco Splitboard -Eco Freeride Tour-

    - Kick the Vik - Eco Freeride Tour When we think about freeriding competitions, the first thing that comes to our mind is helicopters flying everywh ...
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  • Splitboard Trip – A week in AK –

    Splitboard trip in Alaska, an outdoorsman’s paradise. If I were to call any place a second home, it would have to be AK.
    Justin Ibarra - Splitboarding in Alaska
  • Snowman – Checking the edges

    Checking the edges on a Brand New Splitboard In this section, my will is to help you read between the lines, to provide you with the necessary tools to...
    Checking the edges on a Brand New Splitboard