07 Less is More

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  • 07 Less is More

    In this issue shows us how important your decisions are when you are out in the backcountry.
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  • AD Prior Snowboards

    Whistler based company Prior snowboards started building splitboards in the year 2000, but they were building snowboards since 1990. One of the older and...
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  • AD Spark R&D

    Based out of Bozeman, MT Spark R&D is rider owned and operated, dedicated to pushing innovation in the sport of splitboarding, since 2005.
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  • Editorial

    Editorial. Could it be the new trend in snowboarding? Maybe, but from Splitboard Magazine we believe that it's very important to stay true to our roots.
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  • AD Splitboardmag Shop

    AD Splitboardmag Shop - Splitboard Magazine. At the Splitboardmag shop, you’ll have the chance to purchase the magazine’s official merchandising.
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  • Product Files

    The Product Files section provides you with the most innovative and high-performance splitboard gear from leading manufacturers to make your life...
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  • Five minutes

    Five minutes. Miikka's view on the funnel of consequence. It all started with a scoping mission on a perfect day; Jarkko had been looking topo-maps and...
    splitboard five minutes
  • Splitboarding and AT boots

    Splitboarding and AT Boots. As if a splitboard alone isn’t a strange enough concept to those outside our small community, a splitboard/AT...
    splitboarding hardboots
  • Nutrition for mountaineering and alpine sports

    Nutrition in mountaineering and alpine sports. Physical preparation for mountaineering and for Alpine Sports is still not well supported due to the fact...
    Nutrition in the mountains
  • Splitboarding Technique -Self arrest-

    Splitboarding technique - We speak about self-arrest, when in the event of a fall, we implement certain techniques to manage to stop by ourselves...
    splitboarding technique
  • Interview -Skylar Holgate-

    Skylar Holgate grew up in the San Juan Range. He is a good example of a mountain passionate. His work as mountain guide at Silverton Mountain, Alaska and...
    skylar holgate
  • Splitboard Art -Guillaume Le Guillou-

    Splitboard Art - Guillaume Le Guillou (or Gui Gui as he’s more often called) stunned my senses last season when I was first introduced to his images. I’d...
    splitboard art guillaume
  • Girls -Aline Bock-

    Aline Bock is all about progression in Snowboarding. Since 2009, she has competed in the FWT Series, where she became Freeride World Champion in 2010.
    Aline bock splitboarder
  • Eco Splitboard -Steps Film-

    Eco Splitboard - STEPS - The Ride Greener Film. One step back to make a step forward. Extreme lines down steep slopes of the North American wilderness.
    Eco splitboard Steps
  • Splitboard Trip -American Alps traverse-

    Splitboard Trip -American Alps traverse. At moments like this you wonder if you should just turn back. We were climbing the last thousand feet to the...
    American Alps traverse
  • Snowman – Checking a splitboard-

    Snowman Checking a splitboard. Owner and manager of "www.elpetitmon.com", was born in Vic (Eastern-Pyrenees). Already at a young age, Ricard was much...
    skiman cheacking a splitboard