06 Viva la Revolución

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  • 06 Viva la Revolución

    In this issue you’ll hear from two of the most important freeriders, Austrian Mitch Tölderer and American...
  • AD Völkl

    Splitboard Magazine - Viva la Revolucion - Völkl Snowboards. Just like the Cashew, the Cashew Split Kit is the perfect choice for any backcountry...
    voile cashew advertising
  • Editorial

    Splitboard Magazine - Issue 8 - Viva la Revolucion Editorial of the 8th magazine. Wake up and get out to the mountains with your splitboards...
    editorial isard
  • AD Voile splitboards

    Splitboard Magazine - Viva la Revolucion - Voile splitboards went on to develop and produce a more refined, adjustable, Voile splitboard interface...
    voile splitboard mag
  • Product Files

    Splitboard Magazine Product review Adidas ID2 PRO, Clif Bar energy bar, G3 alpinist high traction splitboard climbing skins,Patagonia powslayer bib pants...
    product files splitboard
  • Ispo Munich 2013

    Splitboard Magazine: ISPO Munich is the most important outdoor sports tradeshow in Europe, where all the brands show their new equipment for the next season
  • AD Spark R&D

    Splitboard Magazine - Viva la Revolucion - Spark R&D, everything is done by a skilled team of workers who are also passionate splitboarders.
    spark splitboard magazine
  • Avalanche Rescue Dogs

    Splitboard Magazine - Viva la Revolucion Avalanche Rescue Dogs there is another location tool which is essential within a rescue team, but latest technology
    avalanche dog
  • AD G3

    Splitboard Magazine - Viva la Revolucion - G3 is an independantly operated manufacturer of industry-leading gear for backcountry sking and snowboarding
    G3 splitboard skins
  • Giving anything for splitboards

    Their name is their motto: “Splitboards4 Europe”. To supply the whole of Europe with splitboards. So that everyone can enjoy the white stuff even better.
    splitboard4europe cover
  • AD Ion

    The New ION AIR PRO is a professional sports action camera suitable for all sports. Waterproof to 10 meters without any outer case required you are able...
    ion camera snow
  • Test 2013-14

    The Spliboard Magazine test is absolutely independent, for which we counted on 4 professional riders. Each splitboard was tested on the slopes and off...
    splitboard mag test tavascan
  • AD Chimera

    Splitboard Magazine - Viva la Revolucion - Chimera Snowboards are the first dedicated, splitboard-specific company; we don’t build skis, we don’t even...
    chimera snowboard splitboard
  • Interview -Mitch Tölderer-

    We met Mitch Tölderer at the busy ISPO trade show, Munich, during the month of February. Munich welcomed us with grey days, but Mitch received us with...
  • AD Biwakscharte

    Your Online Shop for Outdoor, Mountain Sports, Climbing and Camping – Biwakscharte.de Competent advising for splitboards, tents, outdoor jackets...
    biwakscharte snowboard
  • Girls! -Liz Daley-

    During the month of March, we went to Chamonix to spend a couple of days with Liz Daley -professional Mountain Guide and Instructor for American Alpine...
    Liz Daley splitboarder
  • Eco Splitboard -Grivel-

    Splitboard Magazine - Viva la Revolucion - Eco-Splitboard. To evaluate the performance of the panels, several factors need to be taken into consideration
    Grivel splitboard
  • Splitboard Art

    Splitboard Art - Fast forward twenty years, Scott is recognized as one of the worlds' leading action sports photographers, with the most Transworld...
    Scott Serfas split art
  • AD Vertic

    Splitboard Magazine - Viva la Revolucion - Vertic more than a store. We organize tours and events related to the world of mountaineering and skiing...
    vertic mountain
  • Avalanche Awareness

    Beacons: how they work and what you should know about them. Jacques Combaz The basic self-rescue equipment in case of avalanche is composed of shovel...
    avalanche cover
  • AD Intuition

    Intuition figured this out over 20 years ago, and today we make hundreds of thousands of warm, comfortable, high performance boot liners for replacement....
    Intuition boots splitboard
  • Trip Report -Kara-Zo-

    Splitboard Magazine - Viva la Revolucion - Trip Report -Kara-Zo- These days it's on repeat in my head anytime we are hanging out in front of the yurt...
    Kyrgyzstan splitboard trip