Lyngen, or a mountainous adventure

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After travelling to Alaska searching for spines, Lars Andreas Nilssen now sets on a two weeks expedition to the Lyngen area, in the northern part of his homecountry, Norway, in search of good terrain to ride and some adventure.

The Lyngen Peninsula is a well known area for big mountain skiing, climbing and outdoor adventure. It is located north of the arctic circle. This is a place famous for being one of the most beautiful areas to ski/snowboard in Norway with its high peaks rising up from the sea.

We went on a two week trip to “Koppangsbreen” which is a glacier near the north end of the peninsula. The snowpack around that time was very unstable. It had been a record avalanche year, but we were confident on our ability to play it safe.

Our plan was to head up to the glacier plateau as soon as possible and shred for eight days straight. It did not go as planned. We ended up staying in a cabin for a couple of days, doing ski tours in the area to get a feeling of how the snow was.
We had one good powder day close to the cabin before the first blizzard came. Because of the weather; things were looking bad. We had to wait it out.

After two or three days of snowy weather we decided to move our gear half way up the valley towards the glacier. We carried the heavy equipment half way, dug a big hole in the snow and left our gear right there, in shelter of the winds. Then we waited some more.

[slide]lyngen Eirik Verlo Vestre Lenangstind[/slide]
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Finally! Some days later the bluebird day came and we could start our adventure!
We had a big camp at the plateau with an extraordinary view of the mountains and the sea. Unfortunately, right after setting up the camp, snow came. We played cards, looked at footage of different lines we wanted to ride, ate candy and dug luxurious toilets in the snow.

The weather got better. The excitement was high yet again. We went for it!

We got to ski steep powdery lines for two days. TWO DAYS out of many spent waiting…. and it was undoubtedly worth the wait.

As they say: The tougher the journey the greater the joy.

The best thing about Lyngen, in my opinion, is that the approaches are short (depending on your mission). Even if you start at sea level, you get really good terrain in no time. The whole peninsula is stacked with pointy, alpine terrain and endless opportunities, which is great for a splitboarder or skier who wants more quality riding and less struggle.

Lyngen is definitely a place worth a visit.

Andreas Strømseth, Eirik Verlo, Steinar Aarberg, Ole Lind Rørstad, Vegard Rye, Nikolai Schirmer, Liza Sarychev and Lars Andreas Nilssen

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