Interview Kyle Miller

Interview with Kyle Miller, in the International Freeride Film Festival,
Saint Lary.

This year, the International Freeride Film Festival in Saint Lary decided to put aside some of the biggest productions of the season in order to leave some space for small projects from all over the world, lacking a huge budget, but with loads of passion. One of them was FreeRider, a 14 minutes short-movie, from Crest Productions, with a budget that was around 400€, in which you could see Kyle Milller daily life images, a splitboarder from Seattle that moved to the Cascades, a mountain range in the Washington state. Kyle couldn’t hide his big smile when he saw his movie in the same program list as The Art of Flight – with around two and a half million dolar budget. We chatted for a while with Kyle, the coolest guest of the seventh edition of this festival to know a bit more about his peculiar way of perceiving splitboarding and mountains, the evolution of this sport within the last years and his way of living around it.

Elena de Murillo
Marc Sixto

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