A journey to the edge of climate change

A journey to the edge of climate change

Steps Festival awards

[small]Biel, 8. October 2013[/small]

In the winter of 2012/13, RIDE GREENER and Coupdoeil Film dared to take the step of making the impossible become possible: they produced the first climate friendly snowboard and ski film.

In STEPS, the effects of climate change are shown in parallel with the allure of winter sports. The film pursues the question of whether or not snowboarding and skiing in today’s world can be done in harmony with nature.

STEPS, a documentary and action film, dives into the world of people whose deep connection to the mountains ties them together.  Worried about impending climate change, they are looking for an alternative way to pursue their passion in harmony with nature and experience the mountains in an ecologically sustainable way.  Instead of flying around the world in pursuit of snow, they explore the Alps at their doorstep. They travel using public transportation and climb the highest, most impressive peaks on their own before beginning their spectacular descents and jumps. Despite all of their efforts, they reach their limits and realize the real paradox existing in doing winter sports in harmony with nature.


[slide]STEPS Spray RetoKestenholz by DavidBirri[/slide]
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During filming, great care was taken to limit CO2 emissions to an absolute minimum. Flights, helicopters, and snowmobiles were never used. Flyover shots were accomplished in a carbon neutral way with the use of paragliders. With the film STEPS, RIDE GREENER and Coupdoeil Films want to show today’s film industry, as well as the snowboard and ski scene, that it’s possible to get spectacular winter footage without having a negative environmental impact. After all, it’s in the best interest of every snowboarder and skier to mitigate impending climate change since it so greatly threatens their own playground—the mountains.





Key information about the film

STEPS was chosen as a finalist at the following international film festivals: Banff (Canada), Autrans and Grenoble (France), Graz und Innsbruck (Austria), Helsinki (Finland), Boulder (USA), Brescia (Italy), Copenhagen (Denmark), Krakow (Poland), Poprad (Slovakia)

Film shooting: December 2012 until May 2013

Filming locations: Swiss Alps and Chamonix

Carbon emissions of the film production: 1.85 t CO2. (In comparison: the average annual CO2 emissions of a European run between 9 and 11 tons of CO2. The average production of a winter sports film runs between 50-60 tons CO2.)

Offsetting: The 1.87 tons of CO2 emissions are offset by myclimate climate mitigation projects in developing and emerging market countries. These projects reduce CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuel based energy sources with renewable energy, or by promoting energy efficient technology.

STEPS Shooting CO2 byChristophGerber

Release Dates: Trailer 8. October 2013. The official film premiere takes place on 6. November 2013 in the Kino Corso, Zürich, Switzerland.

Filmtype: 100 percent non-commerical winter action sport and environmental education documentary film (running length 50 min.)

Sponsors: Ride Greener, myclimate, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, Swiss Federal Office for Social Security, Swisscom, Alpiq, Mammut, Dakine, Patagonia, Völkl, Alpenstadt Brig. More supporters on: stepsfilm.com

Producer: RIDEGREENER: The non-profit organization RIDE GREENER shows interested winter sports enthusiasts how to easily reduce their CO2-footprint while snowboarding and skiing. The environmental and climate education campaign was founded in the fall of 2011 by passionate Swiss snowboarders with the purpose of familiarizing young winter sports enthusiasts with environmental issues related to global warming. www.ridegreener.com

Filmmaker: COUPDOEIL is a small film production studio located in the heart of Bern. The two founders, the historian Hermann Stephan and the ethnologist Philipp Eyer, create film portraits that explore the desires and motivations at the base of human existence. Or, in the case of the film project STEPS, at the peak.

TOURDATES Switzerland

  • 2.11.2013 Brig, Perron 1 (Advance preview)
  • 6.11.2013 Zürich, Kino Corso (Premiere)
  • 13.11.2013 Bern, Kino Alhambra
  • 17.11.2013 Sierre, Festival Valais fait son Cinéma
  • 20.11.2013 Basel, Kino Rex 1

TOURDATES International

  • 3-5.10.2013 Adventure Film Festival Boulder, USA
  • 9-13.10.2013 Horsky Film Festival Poprad, Slovakia
  • 11-13.10.2013 Shift Festival, Jackson Hole, USA
  • 18.10.2013 Helsinki Adventure Night, Finland
  • 15-18.10.2013 Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, Austria
  • 26.10.2013 & 03.11.2013 BANFF Mountain Film Festival, Canada
  • 31.10.2013 & 2.11.2013 Holz und Schnee – Snowboard Filmfestival Berlin, Germany
  • 12-16.11.2013 Internationales Berg & Abenteuer Filmfestival Graz, Austria
  • 18-22.11.2013 Cine Montagne, Grenoble, France
  • 4-8.12.2013 Festival international du film du montagne, Autrans, France
  • 5-12.12.2013 Brescia Winter Film Fest, Italy
  • 5-8.12.2013 Danish Adventure film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 5-6.12.2013 Krakow, Poland
  • 19-22.12.2013 Mendi Film Festival, Spain

Step film website: www.stepsfilm.com


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