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We’re back another year from the ISPO Munich tradeshow. Voiceless, exhausted, sore legs and hungover, but it’s always great to attend it to bring you the most important news of the splitboarding world, and of course enjoy some time chatting and drinking beer with our friends from across the pond that unfortunately we just get to see them once a year.

We’ve gathered the top 5 highlights of the show regarding splitboarding equipment.

  • Jeremy Jones boot from ThirtyTwo

The legend Mr. Jones partenered up with the rider-driven boot manufacturer ThirtyTwo to offer a revolutionary product. This boot is designed to meet all the splitboarders demands when skinning to gnarly lines, camping in the snow or just enjoying some powder turns. The boot features a Vibram sole to give you maximum grip when hiking up and tradicional laces, covered them with a layer of material to prevent the snow to get in, or the laces to freeze during overnight trips, kind of like a mountaineering boot. But the biggest improvement is that it features a walk mode: a boa system in the back allows the back part of the boot to open right under the cuff to allow a longer stride when skinning up the mountains, so basically a more efficient touring performance. Once you get to the top of your line just click the boa in and get ready to snowboard down.


  • 2- New puck system from Spark R&D

Spark R&D presented a different approach to the traditional puck system from Voile. The pucks are oversized and made of aluminum so they’re stiffer than the previous ones, allowing less flex so a more direct transmission to the board. The bindings slide on nylon material for an effortless instrallation. The fit is also tighter when you slide your splitboard bindings in, but the great improvement comes with the adjustability options: really easy to set up the angle of your bindings, almost as easy as channel board, and also the ability to adjust them forward and backward 6’5 mm (a quarter of inch) to make sure your binding is perfectly centered in the board within the two edges.


  • 3- Air-form strap from Karakoram

After presenting the successful Prime system last year, the Kloster brothers have paid more attention to little details to make the splitboard experience better. Made from Dupont Hytrel and being 30% lighter than standard straps, these straps eliminate pressure points for a more comfortable touring and riding experience. Very flexible to conform to your boot, just say goodbye to foot pain. The toe strap has been also become quite minimalist, based on their well-know Air Strap, but with a standard rachet on it.


  • 4- Deeluxe expanded Backcountry boot range

Pioneers offering a specific splitboard boot, the Backcountry family is growing in Deeluxe. Four boots with a smaller outer shell, resized to avoid heel drag, but still offering a stiff Vibram sole and comfortable liners that come from many years experience building boots. There’s also a walking mode in the XV models, easily adjusted with a velcro strap to increase your touring performance. Independent BC, XV, Xve, and Summit, find the one that fits best your riding style.


  • 5- Spark R&D redefined system: the Tesla T1

After presenting their Tesla system two years ago, it was time to tweak it a little bit with small changes for a big improvement. That’s how the Testal T1 is born. While the tested snap-ramps remain the same, the biggest change comes from the climbing wires, where the new Testal T1 has only one wire, with the possibility of setting it in two different positions, giving two different angles (12 and 18 degrees) using a different heel rest.
Besides the shaved weight from eliminating one wire, this allows for a more precise sizing, and to build smaller baseplates for smaller feet, offering now a women’s version.
The new Ibex crampons are compatible with the two wires position, and a heel locker is offered to.
The Rip’n’Flip highbacks will be featured in the new bindings too: a more minimalist approach but still offering outstanding performance. Stiff and padded where it needs to be, now it’s much easier to switch from touring mode (-13degrees) to the adjusted angle for riding (0 to 22 degrees).
Summing it up, the new bindings featuring the mentioned above are: the ARC, a lightweight beast with only 675grams per binding (version of the previous and discontinued Magneto, but 10% lighter) and the SURGE, its stiffer and more powerful big brother (previous AfterBurner), with a weight of 748grams per binding on a Medium size.
The ARC and the SURGE are also offered in women’s version, with 615grams for the women’s ARC and 695grams for the women’s SURGE.


There’s of course much more coming up from different manufacturers, but we believe these are the top five improvements. Stay tuned for more information and videos about different boards and what they offer for the 2015-16 season. Find in the following link pictures in our Facebook site:

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