In Limbo, by All Us In Winterland

In Limbo, by All Us In Winterland


The Northern Fjords of Iceland are becoming a popular destination for splitboarders looking to explore this wild and unique country. The long days, solitude, pristine terrain and stunning fjords make Iceland a prime destination late in the Spring. Mike Handford and the crew of All Us In Winterland visited the island last May to score great lines with perfect corn snow.

As the northern hemisphere winter ends and before the southern hemispheres’ begins, Mike finds himself neither here nor’ there. Lost, wandering in a strange, baron landscape. In search for something familiar he discovers the beauty of the world and the significance of time.

Filmed and Directed by Cam McDermid
Rider Mike Handford
Photographer Mark Bridgwater
Editing Cam McDermid

With the support of Spark R&D


Wanting Creature – Iska Dhaaf
Disguise – HVOB, Winston Marshall
Denmark / Van Gogh & Gone – Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
The Smoke, The Feeling – Cloud Control
Dropping Bombs On The Sun – The Brian Jonestown Massacre



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