New Hydrophobic™ filter technology -Adidas Eyewear-

New Hydrophobic™ filter technology -Adidas Eyewear-


[small]Linz, July 2013[/small]

Hydrophobic – Taking vision to a new dimension The new filter technology from adidas eyewear.

Is your vision being obscured by drops of water, streaks and dirt on your outdoor eyewear? The sports eyewear specialist adidas eyewear is making blurred mountain views a thing of the past, with its Hydrophobic™ filter technology! Set to be launched in September 2013, the innovative, hydrophobic LST™ H/H+ filters are designed to ensure optimal vision, even in rainy conditions. A special coating makes short work of water and dirt – for perfect unrestricted vision. The Hydrophobic™ filters will feature in various products, including colour updates of the trusted terrex pro, terrex fast and swift solo outdoor eyewear.

Adidas Terrex Hydrophobic

Nature is unpredictable. Up in the mountains, the weather can change from one minute to the next, from sunshine to rain. Extra care is needed in this case, as rain makes the surface underfoot wet and slippery, and also restricts your vision. This is precisely the issue addressed by adidas eyewear’s new Hydrophobic™ filter technology, designed to improve the safety of all outdoor sports enthusiasts out in the terrain. The new hydrophobic LST™ polarised H+, LST™ blue light filter H and LST bright H filters quickly repel water drops, leaving no annoying streaks on the filters. Particles of dirt and dust are simply washed away. The LST™ filter technology harmonises rapid changes from light to shadow and increases contrasts, helping you to identify any bumps on the ground or on the cliffs, improving perception of roots and stones. The special filters have a protection level of 3 and provide 100% protection from UV and blue light rays. Professional mountaineer Thomas Huber (GER) is enthusiastic about the Hydrophobic™ filters: “I often climb in very extreme conditions. It’s not just the rocks that challenge me, the weather and adverse conditions are big factors too. Perfect and unrestricted vision will always play a vital role, as each move needs to be just right. adidas eyewear’s new water- and dirt-repellent filters help me to maintain my concentration over long periods, find the best routes and reach my goal safely.”

The hydrophobic LST™ filters will be available from September 2013 in the terrex pro, terrex fast and swift solo outdoor eyewear. In addition to this outstanding filter technology, the terrex pro and terrex fast impress with a wide range of additional features: an anti-fog coating and the ClimaCool™ ventilation system ensure condensation-free vision in foggy conditions.

The foam frame effectively helps to keep moisture and cold air away from the eyes, as well preventing the penetration of sunlight from the side at high altitudes. It can be easily removed if required. Flexible, non-slip temples together with a double-snap nose pad ensure a perfect fit and outstanding comfort.

For those requiring visual correction, all three models can be fitted with the adidas eyewear optical insert – the Performance Insert™ or direct glazing.
Like all the other models in the adidas eyewear collection, the terrex pro, terrex fast and swift solo are designed and manufactured by the renowned eyewear producer Silhouette International in Austria.
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