Horizon Lines – Iceland

“Horizon lines may end at a mountain, or continue to the sea. To the edge of the unknown… it is there that the real adventure begins.

Remote and mysterious, life evolves differently on Iceland. We’ve come to be influenced by past generations, to learn from the people that have survived here for over a thousand years. None of us have been here before, and don’t know what to expect, but we’re headed to the West Fjords, whose fierce arctic storms and rough gravel roads keep them largely unaccessible.” Forrest Shearer

Take a look at the first episode of the Horizon Lines series, this time surfing and accessing prime splitboarding terrain during the last month of May in Iceland.

A film by: Nick Kalisz & Field Day Studio
Photographer: Andrew Miller
Original score: Sean Cameron & Dave McLeod of Subtropic Sound

Forrest Shearer, Jeremy Jones, Josh Dirksen, Bryan Iguchi, Orange Man, Kohl Christensen, Alex Lopez, Nick Russell, Kael Martin, Griffin Siebert, Chris Christenson, Alex Yoder, Ramon Navarro, and friends.

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